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Ontario snowmobile accidents and safety hand signals: Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth

  Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer, Ontario Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth…With all this new white fluffy snow we have in Ontario, I know that avid snowmobilers will be out on their snowmobiles this weekend and for the rest of the winter season.  There are an incredible amount of Ontario snowmobile accidents each year and I cam across some great information posted on snowmobilers.org website. It’s a great site that shares all sorts of valuable information for snowmobile driving in Ontario. Please, if you are driving a snowmobile, drive the speed limit, stay off of questionable ice  and never drive if you have been drinking.  Most of all, enjoy the season safely !  Snowmobile hand signals:
Giving clear, easy-to-see hand signals are so important to safe snowmobile riding in Ontario. Be sure to never make hand signals subtle, always make clear, deliberate signals. Be sure that other snowmobile drivers behind you can see your signals. Hand signals are a very reliable way to communicate while riding.
stop Stop:  Your arm raised from the shoulder and extended
straight up over your head with palm of your hand flat.
stop Left Turn: Your left arm extended straight out from your shoulder and pointing in the direction of the turn.
stop Right Turn: Bend your left arm at your elbow to shoulder height; with your hand pointing straight up and your palm flat, your arm  makes a right angle.
stop Oncoming Sleds: Guide all snowmobile to the right while pointing to the trail over your head. This way your signal can be seen.
stop Slowing:  Your left arm extended out and down from the side of your bodywith a downward flapping motion of hand to signal warning or caution.
stop Sleds Following: Your arms raised, your elbow bent with your thumb pointing backward, in hitchhiking motion move your arm forward to backward over your shoulder.
stop Last Sled in Line: Your left arm raised at your shoulder height, your elbow bent and your forearm vertical with your hand clenched in a fist.

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