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Slip and Fall Accidents and Personal Injury Statistics, Ottawa Lawyer

David Hollingsworth – Ottawa Ontario Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth on Slip and Fall Accident statistics.

Dear all, I am reflecting upon some statistics here to raise some awareness regarding the ongoing prevalence of such injuries in our communities affecting our children and loved ones. Please read on to learn and to protect yourself and your families from unnecessary tragedies that need not occur if we all join together to ensure that our houses, schools, and communities are safe. Over half a million of serious slip and fall accidents requiring hospitalization occur in North America per annum. Of this number, over 300,000 are disabling personal injuries and over 20,000 are tragic fatalities.  These alarming losses sadden me, because these deaths do not need to occur. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of accidents in hotels, restaurants, and public buildings, since in the majority occur on flat and level surfaces. In addition, slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of accidental death and disability after car accidents. Slip and fall accidents account for over 20,000 deaths per year in North America. Sixth six per cent of personal injury cases for people 65 years or older were a result of a slip and fall and over seventy five per cent of slip and fall deaths occur to people 65 years of age or older.  In short, all I can say is to please be aware of your surroundings and to be as careful as possible out there and watch where your step!                         

– Dave

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David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer   has been dedicated to helping Ottawa and Ontario accident victims  since 1999.  Due to  his extensive experience and knowledge of relevant accident and personal injury issues, he has recovered millions of dollars in settlements  on behalf of his Ontario personal injury and accident victims. David is dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for his personal injury clients. David offers free consultations and makes home visits or hospital visits. Visit www.ottawainjury.ca for more information.

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