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Ottawa Winters are a great time to get outside and be active and have fun together as a family. Ottawa is home to the Rideau Canal Skateway, the world’s longest outdoor skating rink, and Winterlude, a national winter carnival. Go tobogganing or ice skating, build a snowman, or make a snow angel! Enjoying the winter together helps children get the physical activity they need (at least 30 to 60 minutes per day) to grow up fit and healthy. Remember to keep the following safety tips in mind when you head to an Ottawa ice rink or the hill to make sure everyone has a safe and fun winter experience.

Ottawa Ice Skating Safety Tips

Go to an outdoor Ottawa rink, enjoy skating on the canal, or visit one of the City of Ottawa’s indoor rinks.

  • Remember to wear a CSA approved hockey helmet. Unlike a bicycle helmet, a hockey helmet is made to withstand multiple impacts.
  • Choose proper fitting skates that give your child good support around the ankles.
  • Choose a surface that is relatively free of bumps and cracks so that your child will have more control.
  • Take a lesson. The City of Ottawa offers skating lessons. For more information, contact the Recreational Skating School Office: 580-2596, or check the City of Ottawa website at
  • Wear proper clothing, including gloves, scarves (tucked in), hats, waterproof jacket and pants (No jeans, as they will not keep you warm), long underwear, sweaters, and only one pair of socks in skates.
  • Updates on the Rideau Canal Skateway conditions 613-239-5234

Ottawa Toboganing and Sledding Safety

Sledding is a popular activity to do in Ottawa winter months and can also be great fun for the family.

  • Before you head out, check the weather conditions to ensure it is safe as weather will affect the hill conditions (i.e. free of ice, not too cold, etc.).
  • Sled during the day, or on a well-lit hill at night (most personal injuries occur when lighting is poor).
  • Watch for signs at the hills to let you know if it is safe to toboggan there, and what the potential safety hazards may be.
  • When tobogganing, it is important to wear a helmet. A certified skiing/snowboarding or hockey helmet will do.
  • Pick a hill that has plenty of room to stop at the bottom, and has a safe place to walk back up the hill (away from people sliding down the hill).
  • Choose a sled/toboggan that is easy to control (avoid inner tubes, crazy carpets, flying saucers, garbage bags, snow racers, and cardboard boxes as they are hard to control).

Get out there Ottawa and enjoy our winter wonderland. Get out there and have some great winter family fun! For more information on keeping children safe, getting them active and enjoying the winter, contact the Ottawa Public Health Information at 580-6744.

Source: the City of Ottawa

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Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers- Holiday Safety Tips…

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers -Holiday Safety Tips… 

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers: David Hollingsworth:

The holiday season is a time that many share with family, friends, and loved ones. It is a time to be generous and grateful for the things in life that we often take for granted, such as the health and happiness of our friends, family, and ourselves. Unfortunately, the holidays can also be a time of tragedy and loss for pedestrians, drivers, and shoppers in the context of road safety and weather considerations.  Consider the following advice to keep your friends and family safe from serious car accidents and personal injury during the holiday and winter season:

Even though you may take the best of precautions to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones, it is still possible to become the victim of another’s negligence. Let us spend this holiday season in safety by considering the small but important ways we can all prevent and avoid situations of personal injury, accidents, and tragedy:


Good snow tires can help to keep your car on the road when it doesn’t want to be. Even if your car is in good working condition, it can still hydroplane, contact dry ice, or generally lose control if it is not properly equipped with the right snow tires. Tires require adequate air pressure, and tread. Your gas tank should be about half-full to ensure a freeze-up doesn’t occur. A good mechanic can confirm proper function of all components, including battery, and antifreeze levels.


An emergency kit can be useful to have in your car. They can often be bought at any comprehensive hardware store. A good kit will include such things as (1) jumper cables (2) flashlights, (3) first-aid kit (with the useful emergency blankets), (4) blankets,  (5) signal flares, (6) waterproof candle/matches (7) and water. You can always add to your own emergency kit, by including such things as a mobile phone, non perishable power-bars, an object of sentimental value, and so on. The idea is to include anything that could help you in a time of need.


When drivers are distracted, they can be as dangerous and drunk drivers because many accidents occur due to the neglect of the person behind the steering wheel. It goes without saying, drinking and driving puts the lives of everyone on the road at risk, and is advised against. Most accidents occur because a few distractions are combined all at once to lead to a major accident (i.e. a driver has only consumed one drink, but the combination of the bad driving of another car, poor visibility due to snow, and driver talking on the phone, putting on makeup, reading the paper, texting, etc. leads to a serious accident). (By the way, talking on the phone while driving is now prohibited in our city of Ottawa) 


Allow for extra time to do routine tasks. Generally, it will take longer to drive in winter conditions due to climate factors such as snow and hail, while social factors include increased traffic of people driving to see family or go to the cottage for the holidays. Many people fail to anticipate the need for extra time and drive in a reckless manner, endangering their own lives and the lives of others on the road. Safe-guard yourself against the reckless drivers and please take care on the roads.


The last thing you want to do is spend your short holiday break in the hospital recovering from a slip and fall.  Always remember to watch out for wet spots and potential slippery areas in shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, etc. Try to shake the snow of your shoes to expose your shoe traction for better grip upon the ground. Most facilities will have rubber mats to remove the moisture from your shoes for additional traction. Comfortable shoes with good tread can make a world of a difference in preventing a slip and fall.


Statistically, the rate of crime peaks somewhat during the holiday season. Please be aware of your environment when shopping, and generally out and about. In particular, avoid ATM machines in locations that you feel are unsafe or when you are by yourself. Remember to limit your shopping to stores that are equipped with (1) adequate security (2) well-lit parking, and (3) entrance and exit ways.

Again, as with all the advice, exercise your common sense and know that your attention to these matters acts to decrease your risk, and focus on what really matters – the opportunity to share your time and energy with your friends, family, and loved ones during the holiday season and beyond.

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