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Kemptville school van accident results in tragic death Cameron Beauregard

Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth…update..I’m so sad to share with you that Cameron Beauregard has died as the result of this terrible, tragic accident .   My condolences to all his family and friends..

original post: A terrible Kemptville accident has left an 18-year-old high school student with the Catholic school board in hospital with serious personal injuries. He was travelling in the school van and was involved in a head on accident . The van was travelling northeast when the accident took place at around 3 p.m. on County Road 18 , outside of Oxford Mills.  The details of the accident are that the school van  crossed into the other lane of traffic and collided with a second van carrying a 24-year-old woman and an infant  passenger. The woman also suffered personal injuries and thankfully the toddler was uninjured. All five people were taken to hospital in Kemptville. Unfortunately the  18-year-old passenger was so severely injured that he needed to be transferred to a hospital in Ottawa. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this very stressful time…

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