Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario : Ottawa raises $25 000.

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth..I was pleased to sponsor last week’s Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario Charity Fundraiser that raised close to $25 000 for much needed funds and programming to assist persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported such a great cause.

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Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario Ottawa, CPA Ottawa

Types of Spinal Cord Injury, Ontario Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth- Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer – Types of Spinal Cord Injury:


A spinal cord injury or “SCI” refers to any traumatic injury to the spinal cord. SCI injuries are extremely serious because depending on the severity, they have the potential to impair your motor functioning ability, reflexes, and sensations.  

Complete vs. Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries

SCI injuries can be classified as “complete” and “incomplete”. As the name entails, a complete SCI results in paralysis below the site of the injury, where there is no feeling or voluntary movement, and both sides of the body have become paralyzed equally. An incomplete SCI occurs when only one part of the spinal cord has become damaged (due to a tear, compression or other injury to the spine). Victims of incomplete SCI may still experience paralysis, but it will be generally partial in nature (as opposed to a complete SCI). In an incomplete SCI, some feeling and voluntary movement may be present on one or both sides of the body.

Incomplete SCI’s have become more common given relative advances in medical technology in recent history. An individual with an incomplete SCI may retain feeling in the affected area, but may still experience ongoing pain. The ongoing sensory agitation can be serious and debilitating, rending victim completely not able to function.

Each Injury is Unique and Requires Expert Attention

Some circumstances allow for more active therapy to help counteract any muscular atrophy by rebuilding muscle fiber to strengthen and support functioning. The complexity of the spine means that each and every spinal cord injury is unique and will require assessment by a team of experts, including a top lawyer trained to deal with Ottawa spinal cord injuries such as David Hollingsworth. David Hollingsworth and his Ottawa personal injury team understand the nature of spinal cord injuries. For over a decade, David has been helping  accident victims with spinal cord injury work through their lawsuit and get the compensation they need and whatever else this entails, including compensation for loss of income, a new home, and custom vehicle.

If you or a member of your family has sustained a spinal cord injury, please contact David Hollingsworth by e-mail or call 613 978-9549. David Hollingsworth, Ottawa spinal cord injury lawyer offers free consultations to discuss your case and explain how we can help you. David Hollingsworth, Ottawa personal injury lawyer- representing accident victims throughout eastern Ontario. Upon request, if you wish, you may speak with other spinal cord injury victims David has been able to help.

Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer, David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Accident Hunt Club and Highway 416: Suspected Spinal Cord Injury: Ottawa Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Accident Lawyer, Injury Lawyers Ottawa David Hollingsworth…Tragically, a 28-year-old Ottawa woman remains in serious condition in an Ottawa hospital  after she suffered spinal injuries in a single vehicle rollover in Ottawa’s west end this morning. The extent of her spinal cord injuries is still not clear, but paramedics said when they arrived at the scene she had no sensation in her legs. “It’s a possibility (she severed her spinal cord),” said paramedic Supt. Francois Cote. “But without a CAT scan, a X-ray and further neurological tests it’s really hard for us to say.” The young woman, who was traveling alone in her 2006 silver Honda Civic northbound on Hwy. 416, lost control and the car accident happened just north of the Hunt Club Rd.  Ottawa Police happened upon the vehicle, its engine smoking, at 7:39 a.m. It had rolled off into the median, landing on its roof.

Ottawa fire crews had to cut the young woman out of her crashed vehicle and treated her at the scene before she was taken to an Ottawa hospital where she remains with serious personal injuries. OPP is investigating. If you witnessed this Ottawa car accident and have any information, please contact P.C. Savoia at 613-270-9171.

Although the initial reports indicate very serious spinal cord injuries, I am sending out positive thoughts to this injured young woman and her family.  I hope that the sensation returns to her legs quickly and that she is able to walk away and fully recover from this Ottawa car accident.  Regardless of the outcome, she may have a very long road to recovery ahead of her…

Source: the Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

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