Concussion symptoms and treatment for concussions. Did you know a concussion can last for up to 2 years ?

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The Ottawa Citizen reported on a study recently done through CHEO and Dr Vassilyadi that looked at the after effects of concussions in children.  It described a story of a  boy named Clayton Carter who suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding an ATV and was able to return to hockey, school and a regular life within four months.  There are many remarkable things about Clayton’s story. Firstly the fact that he was so severely injured and could have died and was then  rushed by helicopter to CHEO and had his brain and skull operated on.  He survived and had an amazing recovery in a very short time frame.  Claydon’s speedy recovery with a severe head injury is remarkable.

Dr. Vassilyadi reported to the Ottawa Citizen that Clayton’s recovery was better than many children who suffer a concussion. Dr Vassilyadi is just finishing a study that looks at youths between  11 and 17 who have had a sports-related concussion and still have symptoms at least three months later. In the Ottawa area there have been close to 60 patients who are still suffering from their concussion 3 months later.

There are many more who suffer concussions. In fact, close to 900 children and youth are rushed to  CHEO’s emergency department yearly with a suspected concussion. These symptoms include headaches, dizziness, nausea, depression, sleeping too much or not enough and declining performance at school. In general, close to 90 % of concussions clear up within  10 days of the impact. Dr. Vassilyadi and his team at CHEO noted that not all parents are aware of the symptoms of concussions, so it’s tough to track what your child may be going through. Often times, parents, coaches and teachers don’t equate a child’s change in academic performance to a concussion but Dr. Vassilyadi noted that it’s entirely possible. The emotional, social and cognitive symptoms are tough to  pick up on and often persist over three months for up to 2 years. CHEO conducted a research project last year “The Concussion Research Project” and found that young patients described their quality of life at almost the same level as undergoing chemotherapy. Dr. Vassilyadi also noted that there is a common misconception that there has to be a loss of consciousness in a concussion and this is simply not true. Early recognition is key to properly treating a concussion.

Unfortunately the treatment for a concussion isn’t always obvious either. Nutrition and rehydration are critical and in most rest, even if that means not returning to school or work. After a head injury, the brain needs to rest and mental stress needs to be avoided. This means eliminating video games, television, reading, texting and getting plenty of rest.

Concussion symptoms and concussion treatments are very tough to recognize which is why concussions still remain a tricky area for parents, coaches and teachers. It’s critically important to be aware of your child’s moods, fatigue, and overall feelings and “When in doubt, sit them out,”. It’s not worth the risk because a second or third head injury will be worse. Dr. Vassilyadi is speaking to physicians on Monday night about a new clinic to be opened this fall by Pro Physio & Sports Medicine Centres, which will draw on the services of sports physicians, a neuropsychologist and physiotherapists specifically trained to assess and treat concussions. The owner of the clinics, Mr. Salib focused on concussions because of the large need to properly treat concussions .

As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer with many clients who are suffering from concussions and brain injuries, I am so thankful that our community is developing more resources that relate to concussions and head injuries. I have many clients who are suffering so severely from a concussion, they are unable to return to work, be comfortable around their families for extended lengths of time and their concussion has changed their lives and the lives of their families.  The more research and resources that help us with concussion treatments the better, I say !


Ottawa Accident Lawyer : Ottawa Police Aim to Reduce Ottawa Car Accidents

Ottawa Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth….The City of Ottawa’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) is ringing in the New Year with a crackdown on tailgaters and stop sign runners.  In 2009, tailgating caused 4,973 rear-end collisions – the most frequent type of Ottawa accidents accounting for 1/3 of Ottawa’s total car accidents. These Ottawa accidents resulted in one death and 1,373 personal injuries – 17 of them life-threatening personal injuries.  Disobeying stop signs – including rolling stops – is also a serious issue on Ottawa roads. In 2009, 1,667 accidents at stop sign-controlled intersections resulted in one death and 462 personal injuries – 17 of them life-threatening personal injuries. Each month since 2004, STEP has been profiling and enforcing two initiatives that target specific traffic safety priorities. These initiatives support the City’s larger Integrated Road Safety Program (IRSP) public awareness and enforcement campaigns.  In 2003, two City departments – Public Works and Ottawa Public Health – and the Ottawa Police Service developed the IRSP to provide a comprehensive approach in promoting road safety.  Ottawa residents have identified traffic safety as a top priority. The IRSP is committed to using available resources to make Ottawa roads safer for residents.

Source: the Ottawa Police

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Ottawa to Toronto Train Accident, kills 1, seriously injures another, Ottawa Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa-Toronto Train Collides With Car Near Joyceville Road
Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth..A train bound from Ottawa to Toronto has struck a car (10:35 am) and is now stopped near Joyceville Road along Highway 401. Passenger Doug Simmons caught the 8:40 train this morning at the Barrhaven station. They were well en-route when the accident occurred. ”All of a sudden we heard a loud thud, saw a little bit of smoke pass the car that I’m on. There was a strong almost burning smell and the train came to a fairly quick stop,” Simmons says crew told passengers the train had collided with a car, killing one person and sending another to hospital with serious injuries. The passenger train involved left the Ottawa station at 8:25 am.  My thoughts go out to he family and friends of the accident victims….

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Ottawa Bicycle Cycling Accidents, Ottawa Bicycle Safety? Ontario Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Does  Ottawa needs a safe cycling educational campaign to help cut down on the number of cyclists killed and injured in Ottawa ?  Yes, says the president of Citizens for Safe Cycling. “I think there’s a total lack of awareness with a lot of cyclists, how vulnerable they are,” Hans Moor said in an interview with the Citizen Saturday. “It’s on both sides, of course — the number of drivers you see running red lights, turning right without indicating, driving through stop signs. On both sides, we need more education.”

Moor made the comments at a time when a 71-year-old cyclist was fighting for his life in hospital after being hit by a car on Hawthorne Road, just north of Hunt Club Road, early Saturday afternoon. The accident comes in a year that has already seen four cycling fatalities in Ottawa:

- Alex Hayes, a 16-year-old high school student, was biking home from work at MacKinnon’s Foodland in Greely when he was struck by a vehicle and killed on Sept. 10. Forty-year-old Samira Mohamed Daoud has been charged with stealing a vehicle, driving drunk, and criminal negligence causing death.

- A 48-year-old cyclist died of head and neck injuries Sept. 4 after flipping over his handlebars while biking on Somerset Street East in the middle of the night. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

- John Barton, 53, was killed while cycling to work on Aug. 13, when novice driver Aldenia Orchard turned right and hit him with her Chevrolet Tracker.

- 16-year-old Robin Freeman was struck by a motorcycle while riding his BMX bike on Carling Avenue May 16. The driver of the motorcycle, 26-year-old Kyle Ferguson, also died as a result of the crash.

Moor said his organization is considering running an education campaign next year, and would like to partner with the provincial or municipal governments. An ad on the side of an OC Transpo bus featuring the mayor in a bike helmet, urging people to cycle safely, could go a long way toward raising public awareness, he said. Tom Trottier, past president of Citizens for Safe Cycling, said that although cycling deaths can understandably discourage people from biking around the city, in fact safety lies in numbers and the city should do more to encourage cycling. “The more cyclists there are, the safer they are. People get used to them, drivers get used to them, and they get more respect,” Trottier said. Trottier and Moor agreed that the city is taking some positive steps — with new cycle lanes painted on Lyon Street and plans for a pilot project next summer to create a segregated cycle lane east-west across downtown. Mayoral candidate Clive Doucet said the road infrastructure throughout the city should be improved for cyclists. “The only way you’re going to make these things safe is paving the shoulders and creating a dedicated cycle lane,” he said. Mayor Larry O’Brien said the recent spate of cyclist fatalities and injuries is moving cycling from being a social issue to a public safety issue. “The first priority of any government is the safety of its citizens,” he said, noting the city has been working with the NCC and the planning department to address the changes needed. “(The number of accidents) reinforces the need to continue looking at the transportation plan to see where the plan can accommodate cyclists. “The city is active on this file and we can’t take our foot off the gas on this one,” he said.

Source:  The Ottawa Citizen

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Ottawa Accident results in death, Ottawa Accident lawyer

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer, Ottawa Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth— Im sorry to report that this man did not survive this fatal Ottawa accident . A  59-year-old male  was hit by a vehicle , Wednesday morning at the corner of Montreal Road and Lafontaine Avenue.  A man in his 80s was exiting a driveway onto Montreal Road as a the accident victim was crossing the sidewalk.  Sadly, the driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake and struck the man, according to reports.  The pedestrian was taken to the trauma centre at the Civic Hospital where his personal injuries were so severe, he died. My thoughts go out to his friends and  family .  I am so sorry for their loss.

David Hollingsworth has been  a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa dedicated to helping accident victims receive all the compensation they need after a serious car accident since 1999. If you or a loved one has been injured or died as the result of an accident, you may be entitled to accident benefits you are not receiving.  As an Ottawa lawyer specializing in personal injury, I meet with people daily who have been seriously hurt and need help.  Visit my website at  or email for more information and a free consultation.  David understand your needs and can help with your personal injury claim and other Ontario accident related issues. Call for a free consultation 613 978-9549 or visit

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Tailgating- major cause of Ottawa car accidents, Ottawa lawyer reports..

Ottawa Car Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth reports..
The Ottawa Police have a new year’s resolution to target tailgating and those who fail to obey stop signs. For the month of Janueary, the city of Ottawa and Ottawa police, will focus on drivers who follow the vehicle ahead too closely and those who don’t stop properly at stop signs. Tailgating caused 4,716 rear-end collisions in 2007 — the most frequent type of crash accounting for one-third of Ottawa’s car accidents. These collisions resulted in 4 Ottawa wrongful deaths and 1,470 Ottawa personal injuries — 17 of them life-threatening. Meanwhile, drivers who failed to stop at stop signs caused close to 1,700 Ottawa car accidents in 2007, resulting in 8 wrongful deaths and 588 personal injuries — 27 of them life-threatening.  The recommended amount of distance between 2 vehicles is 2 chevrons , which I believe is equal to two car lengths. The more distance the better.

I think its also particularly important for parents to lead by example when driving with young drivers or soon to be drivers.  Our children watch what we do and they copy what we do and this is especially true when it comes to driving.  If you tailgate and your child learns from you that tailgaiting “isn’t that bad”, they may be likely to tailgate as well.  This is extremely dangerous given that our young drivers are inexperienced . They are not used to having to brake quickly etc.. This is just one more reason why new and old drivers alike cannot tailgate.
The rules of the road are seem pretty simple to me. Keep your distance- it’s a very easy way to save lives and avoid personal injury. If all drivers follow some very simple rules, our Ottawa roads would be a much safer place and hopefully we could help reduce the number of Ottawa accidents.
-David Hollingsworth, Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa, Ottawa Law Firms Goldberg Stroud LLP

Personal Injury and Compensation for Fractures Resulting From an Accident

Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth discusses Fractures and Personal Injury

For more than 10 years, David Hollingsworth has earned a reputation as one of Ottawa’s leading personal injury lawyers.

A bone fracture can occur in many ways, and can result in painful and invasive procedures in order to heal. There are instances where multiple bone fractures occur as a result of a trauma and serious accident. A fracture can vary in the length of time it takes to recover depending on age and what caused the fracture. Multiple bone fractures can mean that the bone was damaged in various areas and therefore require extensive medical procedures.

There are many cases where another person’s negligence was the cause of the fracture and in those cases the victim should not be held responsible. An Ottawa personal injury lawyer has the experience and knowledge to handle your case efficiently and will ensure that the insurance company of parties responsible pay the compensation for your personal injury.

Types of Fractures from Injury

There are many different types of fractures from injury that can result from a variety of accidents. These fractures require different treatments because they may range in severity and also depend on the age of the victim and what caused the fracture. Some examples of the types of fractures include:
• greenstick fracture
• transverse fracture
• oblique fracture
• comminuted fracture
• impacted fracture
• pathologic fracture
• stress fracture

These fractures from injury can occur as a result of the hazardous and neglectful situations. They can be the fault of a manufacturer, company, employer, supervisor, physician. Some specific examples of they types
of scenarios that cause fractures include:

Types of Trauma as it Relates to Accidents

• Bicycle accident
• Vehicle accident- car accident, snowmobile accident, boating accident etc..
• Motorcycle accident
• Slip and fall accident
• Assault

When a fracture occurs it is important to take safety measures so the least amount of damage from injury occurs. If the fracture victim is older they will most likely take longer to heal, hence longer time in the hospital and a longer treatment plan. Younger victims may take a smaller amount of time to heal but the medical procedures can still be invasive and costly. For many adults there can be more inconveniences due to the injury, such as needing work compensation if their injury prevents them from completing their job tasks. Recovery time also depends on which bone suffers the fracture. In some cases metal plates, pins, screws, may be used to hold the bone in place.

Contact an Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer- Accident Lawyers

When you or a loved one suffers an injury such as a fracture, it may seem like a minor complication. Yet fractures are in fact a serious personal injury that can cause expensive consequences in medical bills, physical therapy and emotional distress. The individuals’ insurance company that is responsible for your personal injury should be held accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused you. Contacting an Ottawa personal injury lawyer about a fracture injury can be the first step in making sure you receive the treatment and compensation you deserve. Let David Hollingsworth, one of the best Ottawa personal injury lawyers in Ottawa help you get the compensation you need.