Ottawa Pedestrain Accident : Child Pinned between 2 Ottawa Buses – Orthopedic Injuries

Ottawa Injury Lawyers, Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth..Tragically a 15-year-old boy was pinned between two Ottawa buses near the Mackenzie King Bridge during yesterday’s afternoon rush hour. The young boy suffered serious personal injuries, including an open fractures on both legs.  The young boy was rushed to an Ottawa hospital in serious, but stable condition. The Ottawa accident occurred when the boy ran between two Ottawa buses and tragically was trapped between them once they started to move. My thoughts are with this boy and his family.  I hope he can recover fully from this accident…

Ottawa  Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth has been helping Ottawa and Ontario  accident victims since 1999.  Pedestrians are entitled to accident benefits , even if they do not have their own insurance policy. Many accident victims are unaware of the benefits to which they are entitled to. With extensive experience and knowledge of relevant accident and personal injury issues, David has recovered millions of dollars in settlements  on behalf of his accident clients. David has the experience and skill to help obtain maximum compensation. David offers free consultations and makes  home visits or hospital visits. Visit for more information. David understands, he cares and he is there to help.

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Ottawa Accident Lawyer, Ottawa  Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth,  

Will a focus on dangerous driving reduce Ottawa accidents ? Lawyer David Hollingsworth hopes..

Ottawa Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth – The Ottawa Police Services has released that drivers who are distracted with electronic hand-held devices such as a blackberry or making dangerous lane changes are coming under close scrutiny of the Ottawa’s Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) next month .

I was surprised to learn that between 2007 and 2009, driver distraction was either fully or partially the cause of 5,800 car accidents in Ottawa, Ontario.  Regrettably, these car accidents  resulted in 7 deaths and 1,952 personal injuries.  Hhhhmmm…

Dangerous lane changes are also reported as a serious issue.  In 2009  1,162 accidents that were reported in Ottawa were the direct result of dangerous lane changes. These accidents  resulted in 142 personal injuries  and one fatality. Again, these are disturbing statistics.

As an Otttawa car accident lawyer I meet daily with accident victims with very serious personal injuries resulting from car accidents. I fully support these initiatives and hope that we see fewer Ottawa car accidents as a result.  Some situations are completely out of our control and others are.  Be safe and drive carefully.

Source: The Ottawa Police Website

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David Hollingsworth has been an Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer specializing in personal  injury representing motor vehicle accident victims since 1999. David practices with an established Ottawa law firm of more than 50 years of experience in representing accident victims, and helping personal injury accident victims get the maximum compensation they need at an incredibly difficult time.  David offers free consultations, takes cases on contingency  and travels to  homes or hospital. Visit for more information.

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