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Ottawa lawyers: Ottawa cycling accident sends woman to hospital with unknown injuries.

Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. This is a reminder for all cyclists and drivers to please share the road and be aware of others on the road. Another Ottawa  cyclist is in hospital after a cycling accident on Rideau and Dalhousie, yesterday at approximately 1:30 p.m. This is an extremely busy intersection and also an intersection where many Ottawa accident have  occurred. It is extremely important especially in high traffic ares that everyone slows down a bit and pays particular attention to where they are driving and cycling. It could very well save a life and at the very least can help reduce the number of Ottawa accidents. There are no reports as to the severity of the female cyclists condition at this time. I wish her a full recovery.

Did you know? Cyclists are entitled to accident benefits if they have been injured in an accident , even if they do not have insurance.  Many cyclists are unaware of the compensation they are entitled to following an accident in Ontario, If you have been injured in an accident in Ontario. Contact an Ottawa personal injury lawyer to find out what services, support and benefits you are entitled to .

—David Hollingsworth and Associates are Ottawa personal injury lawyers who have been helping people who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident since 1999.  Our Ottawa  injury lawyers devote themselves to helping people throughout  Ontario. We  free consultations and make home visits or hospital visits. Visit for more information or call (613) 978-9549   or   (613) 237-4922 ext.203 . Email us at

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Are you a Ottawa cyclist? Do you know the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Ottawa cycling bylaws?

Ottawa bicycle Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates.  It looks to be a gorgeous day in Ottawa and I suspect many people will be getting their bicycles out for the first time this year.  Cycling is an amazing activity. Sadly, it is not an activity without it’s risks.  There are many things drivers and cyclists can do to help reduce the likelihood of a cycling accident.  There are also a number of laws in Ottawa surrounding cycling and cycling safety.

For example, did you know that  in certain circumstances a bicycle is considered to be a vehicle and that any collisions must be reported  to Ottawa police if  injuries or damages are in excess of $1,000 ? It’s important to treat a cycling accident like you would a motor vehicle accident.  Gather all the information such as names, phone numbers, witnesses, insurance information, policy numbers etc. As soon as possible, write out your account of what happened in the accident and keep this information in a safe place. Cyclists who are hit by a motor vehicle are entitled to compensation through the driver’s insurance company and Ontario accident benefits.

The Ontario Highway Traffic Act is also quite specific when it comes to bicycles.  If it’s a 1/2  hour before sunset or 1/2 hour after sunrise, or anytime there is reduced visibility. By law, every bicycle must be fully equipped with…

  • A working bell or horn (A fine of $85 can be issued if you are cycling without a working bell or horn)
  • A working braking system on the rear wheel (A fine of $85 can be issued if you are cycling without a proper working braking system)
  • A front light (white) (A fine of $20 can be issued if you are cycling without lights)
  • A  rear light (red) or red rear reflector
  • 2 pieces of white reflective tape on front forks
  • 2 pieces of red reflective tape on rear forks

In Ottawa, bicycle helmets must be worn by all cyclists under 16 years of age. A fine of $60.00 can be issued for not wearing a helmet. All helmets must be CSA or CPSC certified. All helmets need to fit properly and close to the head and all bicycle helmet straps need to fit properly under the ears.

A few basic pathway rules are…

  • Cycle on the right of the yellow centre line
  • Be cautious when passing others
  • Always use a bell/voice/horn when passing others
  • Whenever possible use hand turn signals
  • Cycle at a reasonable speed
  • Exercise caution while cycling in the evening. Slow down, wear bright colored clothes and turn on all bicycle lights

Cyclists who do not yield or stop for pedestrians at crosswalks are subject to a $85.00 fine.

Cyclists who do not walk their bikes  at crosswalks are subject to $85.00

The following are not considered to be bicycles and therefore have different laws :

  • Limited speed motorcycles
  • Motor assisted bicycles
  • Segway Transporters
  • Low speed vehicles
  • Motorized scooters
  • Pocket bikes

Please enjoy your day out on your bicycles and ride safely.  Sadly, I meet too regularly with Ottawa bicycle accident victims who have bit hit, doored or suffered serious personal injuries as a result of a cycling accident. Both drivers and cyclists have their role in helping reduce the number of Ottawa cycling accidents.  Let’s work together on this Ottawa !

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David Hollingsworth is a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa Ontario. His Ottawa personal injury team dedicate themselves to ensuring that Ontario drivers, passengers, riders and pedestrians receive all the help, support and maximum compensation following an accident . For more information relating to Ottawa accidents, cycling in Ottawa, Ontario insurance, or the rights of cyclists in Ontario contact us a ,or email or call (613) 978-9549

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Ottawa injury lawyer: Ottawa bicycle accident Wurtemburg and Rideau results in personal injury.

Injury Lawyers Ottawa Ontario David Hollingsworth and Associates…Regrettably, an Ottawa cyclist was hit yesterday morning by a vehicle at the intersection of Wurtemburg Street and Rideau.  Ottawa Police were able to treat the female cyclist at the Ottawa accident scene but the extent of her injuries was not known at the time of the accident. Ottawa Police are investigating the accident and what may have caused it.

-Welcome to the  Ottawa Injury lawyer report. This report is written regularly by Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth.  Our Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog reports on  eastern Ontario accidents, personal injury, Ontario accident benefits, insurance in Ontario,  news in Ottawa and events and  news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury . Visit for more information. 

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Ottawa bicycle accident lawyers ,ottawa cycling accident wurtemburg and rideau

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Ottawa cycling accident Century road results in serious arm injuries. Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth, Ottawa rescue services arrived to a terrible Ottawa cycling accident on Sunday morning.  The Ottawa cycling accident took place on  Century Road West,when a cyclist and a pickup truck collided early that morning. The cyclist was thankfully wearing his bicycle helmet but still suffered severe personal injury to both his arms when he was struck at 7:30am. The 41 year old male cyclist was stabilised by Ottawa paramedics at the Ottawa cycling accident scene and was rushed to the Ottawa Trauma Centre in serious, but stable condition.  I am so thankful that he was wearing a helmet . It may have saved his life.  I wish him a full recovery.

-Ottawa Injury Lawyers

Ottawa Injury Lawyers at

—-The Ottawa Injury Lawyer  Blog is regularly written with Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth. This Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog reports on accidents in eastern Ontario, personal injury issues, local Ottawa news and events and various news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury. Visit for more information. 

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Ottawa Police aiming to reduce Ottawa cycling accidents with cycling safety

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth ..Ottawa Police are conducting a bicycle safety campaign until this Sunday to ensure Ottawa cyclists are adhering to all road safety rules. For everyone’s safety , Ottawa Cyclists are reminded to stop at all stop signs and red lights.  Ottawa Police are also cautioning Ottawa cyclists to be careful when crossing intersections and to use proper cycling hand signals when turning and stopping.  It is illegal for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk, and cyclists must share the road.

Please everyone–drivers and cyclists, be very careful and aware of each other out on our Ottawa roads.

-Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

—-The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog is written regularly by Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog reports on accidents in eastern Ontario, personal injury issues, local Ottawa news and events and various news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury. Visit for more information, call (613) 978-9549 or email me:

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Ottawa bicycle accident lawyer David Hollingsworth

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3 Ottawa bicycle accidents results in head injury, lacerations and other serious personal injury.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth…Ottawa cyclists were out on the roads yesterday but sadly, many of their commutes were not safe.  Ottawa Paramedics responded to 3 separate Ottawa bicycle accidents in a span of 41 minutes yesterday morning:

-Ottawa paramedics helped  a 42-year-old man with scrapes and an injury to his collar-bone after he was hit at Baseline Road and Farlane Boulevard in Ottawa’s east end.

-A 30-year-old man was hit on Prince of Wales Drive near Waterford Drive in  Ottawa’s south end.  When Ottawa paramedics arrived at the Ottawa accident scene, he was unconscious and was  treated for a head injury. He was taken to an Ottawa hospital in serious but stable condition.

-A 25-year-old man was hit while cycling at the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Bank Street in  Ottawa’s south end. He suffered an arm injury and lacerations to his knee.  He was taken to an Ottawa hospital in stable condition.

These recent Ottawa bicycle accidents bring the issue of Ottawa’ s cycling safety to the forefront.  There are far too many cycling accidents and deaths each year in Ottawa.  Most of these accidents are avoidable.  Both cyclists and drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and respect the rules of the road.  We can’t continue to have these, or even worse cycling accidents in Ottawa.

—-The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog is written regularly by Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog reports on accidents in eastern Ontario, personal injury issues, local Ottawa news and events and various news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury. Visit for more information. If you have a subject  you would like to know about or  if you have a question,  please call or email me: (613) 978-9549

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Ottawa bicycle accidents, ottawa cyclign accidents, Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth

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Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth: Drunk Driving Ottawa accident Carling Avenue: Cyclist Nathan Anderson dies in Ottawa Hospital

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth,  Regrettably I have terrible news to share with you.  Sadly, Nathan Anderson died today in an Ottawa hospital. What a very tragic death. My thoughts go out to his grieving family and friends…. 

original post: Unfortunately I do not have better news to share at this time. Nathan Anderson  remains comatose and in critical condition in an Ottawa hospital. The man who hit him got out of jail today after a bail hearing in Ottawa court. Glen Carkner was released on a $32,000 bond and ordered to abstain from alcohol and drugs. He was also forbidden to drive a car. Glen Carkner has been in jail since the February 1 tragic accident that left cyclist Nathan Anderson in an Ottawa hospital with a critical head injury.

Ottawa cyclist Nathan Anderson was seriously injured yesterday afternoon when he was hit by what was reported as a drunk driver (charges have been laid ) on Carling Avenue . The terrible Ottawa accident has left him with critical injuries and possibly a brain injury,  in an Ottawa hospital. Glen Carkner was  charged with impaired driving and dangerous driving causing bodily harm in connection with the Ottawa accident.  The cyclist, is a 31-year-old man, and it was rteported that he suffered critical head injuries. Nathan Anderson, remains in an hospital in critical but thankfully stable condition. My thoughts go out to his friends and family of Nathan Anderson…He will have a long and difficult road ahead of him and will need a lot of support.

Carkner was arrested at the Ottawa accident scene by Ottawa police. Minutes earlier staff at the Hampton Park Plaza LCBO had seen him staggering into the LCBO, crashing into several signs and a guard rai. Trained LCBO staff refused to sell Carkner alcohol and called Ottawa police. Shortly there after, Carkner’s car struck the Ottawa cyclist just a few blocks away on Carling Avenue near Archibald Street.

There are far too many accidents in Ottawa that are the result of impaired driving. It needs to stop. Yes, accident victims will be entitled to  injury compensation and claims benefits for personal injuries , but these accidents change their lives and the lives of their families forever.  

What a terrible, avoidable accident …

———————- The  Ottawa Injury Blog is written regularly by Ottawa  personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. Since 1999, David has been an Ottawa injury lawyer helping and Ontario  accident victims and the families of accident victims who have been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an Ontario accident. This blog reports on accidents in eastern Ontario, personal injury issues, local Ottawa news and events and various news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury.  Visit for more information. If you have a question, feel free to call or email (613) 978-9549

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Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Parkdale Lyndale Avenue, neck, head and back injuries

Ottawa Lawyers, Ottawa Law Firms..I wish this man a speedy recovery. He  was sent to an Ottawa hospital and another man has been charged after a motorcycle and car collided Monday night. The accident happened at 10:48 p.m. at the intersection of Parkdale and Lyndale avenues. The 28-year-old motorcyclist was heading north on Parkdale Avenue, while a 27-year-old man driving a Chevrolet Malibu was going south. “The car made a left turn onto a driveway, cutting off the motorcycle, which collided with the car,” said Ottawa police spokesman Const. Jean Paul Vincelette. Paramedics treated the motorcyclist at the scene for head, neck and back injuries. He was then taken to The Ottawa Hospital’s trauma centre at the nearby Civic campus.Police have charged the driver of the car under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act with making an unsafe turn, Vincelette said.

————————————————————————————————————————–David Hollingsworth has been dedicated to helping Ottawa and Ontario car accident victims since 1999  getting the compensation they need following an  accident or the death of a loved one following an Ontario accident. With extensive experience and knowledge of Ontario accidents and Ontario personal injury issues, he has an indepth knowledge of the accident benefits that Ontario accident victims are entitled to and offers  free consultations and makes home visits or hospital visits. Ottawa Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer  Visit mobile   (613) 978-9549      (613) 237-4922 ext.203

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Ottawa cyclists deserve cycling safety, Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa bicycle accident lawyer David Hollingsworth, Cycling Accidents in Ontario….More than 200 cyclists took to Ottawa streets stating: cycling safety deserves our attention. “The message has to be a level of respect and polite sharing of the road,” said Eleanor McMahon. Sadly, McMahon lost her husband to a cycling accident 4 years ago. He served and protected as an Ontario police officer, now she is  protecting his legacy through the “share the road” riding event.

 The ride aims to make ensure no more lives are lost because of a battle between bicycle and car. 2 weeks ago, a 53-year-old cyclist died on Boyce Street in Ottawa’s west end. The loss was felt by Ottawa’s strong cycling community. It was also not that  long ago that Ottawa was devastated by the bizarre Ottawa cycling accident that injured 5 cyclists.  ”It raises a lot of emotions in me because we are still going through rehabilitation,” said cyclist Cathy Anderson. She was one of 5 cyclists who survived  that serious bicycle accident in Kanata last July. Cycling enthusiasts at the event say it will take public education and determination to make sure the message sinks in. McMahon says the rides will help raise money as they get ready to approach the government. The group wants a law that will enforce a one-metre rule between cyclist and vehicle.

 The following are some common types of collisions that a cyclist may suffer pesonal injury in:

  • A motor vehicle driver turning directly in front of a bicyclist;
  • An automobile driver entering the street from a driveway or parking spot and pulls out into traffic in front of the bicyclist;
  • A motorist’s failure to yield at an intersection or running a stop sign or red light;
  • A vehicle driver’s inattention while driving past a bicyclist;
  • An automobile driver’s failure to look both ways when resuming travel after stopping at a stop sign;
  • An automobile driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

There is very little protection for a rider involved in a bicycle accident and bicycle injuries can be very severe. If you have been involved in a bicycle or cycling accident, you may need the help of  an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.  David Hollingsworth is an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer who can help guide you through the process and make sure you are financially covered in the future. Free consultations or call 613 978-9549

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Ottawa Bicycle Accident -Cyclist Accident -Results in Death and Serious Personal Injury

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyers -Ottawa Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth-  What a tragedy-Another bicycle cycling accident in Ottawa…I am so sorry for the loss of Robin Freeman and my thoughts are with his friends and family.  I also wish the Kyle Ferguson and his passenger in the accident  a speedy recovery….

An accident  in Ottawa’s west-end has killed a 16-year-old cyclist. Ottawa Police are investigating  a bicycle and a motorcycle accident around 10:30 pm near the intersection of Carling Avenue and Woodroffe Avenue. Paramedics say a teen boy was found unconscious at the scene and pronounced dead on arrival at hospital. 2  people in their 20′s were transported to an Ottawa hospital. Paramedics say the man in his 20’s was transported to hospital in critical condition with severe multi-system trauma, and was unconscious when treated at the scene.

Stunned silence was followed by sobbing in the cafeteria at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School on Monday as the teary principal broke the news to students that a classmate had died after being struck by a motorcycle Sunday night.

Robin Freeman was known for his prowess on his BMX bike and his knack for pulling off difficult tricks. He even listed biking as one of his interests on his Facebook page. The 16-year-old had been performing bike tricks at about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday in the westbound lanes of Carling Ave., near Woodroffe Ave., when he was struck by a motorcycle carrying two riders. Police said speed played a role in the fatal collision and charges are being considered. Witnesses said the teenager was thrown up in the air before landing several meters away from his mangled bike. Freeman, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered head injury and was without vital signs when paramedics arrived at the scene. The 26-year-old driver landed nearly 30 meters from where his Honda motorcycle skidded to a stop. The motorcycle is registered to Kyle Ferguson, who is also listed as being in serious but stable condition in hospital. The female passenger was in hospital in stable condition.

Freeman was a Grade 10 student at Sir Guy Carleton High School on Centrepointe Dr. where he won over his peers with his sense of humour and “laid back” attitude. His girlfriend, who witnessed the collision, didn’t go to school on Monday. “It didn’t really hit me until I had gym class at second period and he was supposed to be there and he wasn’t,” said Arnott Potter, 15. Potter and Freeman had been friends for two years. The pair had spent warm summer days at Britannia Beach together, gone skateboarding, and hung out at school.“He’s a funny guy and he just related to everyone,” said Potter. On Facebook, Freeman lists his hometown as Tofino, BC, and expressed his enjoyment of playing video games and listening to rap, rock and techno music. On a memorial site in Freeman’s honour, friends posted memories and lamented the tragedy that took someone so young.


If you are injured in an Ontario accident or have lost a loved on in an Ontario accident you may need the help a highly skilled Ottawa, Ontario personal injury lawyer to help you maximize your insurance claim. Contact David Hollingsworth, Ottawa , Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer for a free consultation. Visit or call 613 978-9549

David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer

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