Ottawa cycling accident Smyth road and Russell roads sends woman to Ottawa hospital with internal injuries and pelvic injuries

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Sadly another Ottawa cycling accident has occurred. A Ottawa bicyclist suffered severe injuries this  morning after being hit  between Smyth road and Russell road. It was reported in the Ottawa Citizen that the Ottawa cyclist is a 26 year old female and that she was rushed to a Ottawa hospital with serious internal injuries and injuries to her pelvic. Thankfully , she is in stable condition at this time. I wish her a full recovery from this accident and I hope her injuries are not life-long. The Ottawa police are investigating this Ottawa cycling accident.  If you witnessed the accident or have any information that could help, please contact the Ottawa Police.

This is the second day in a row we have had bad cycling accidents in Ottawa. Please drivers and cyclists be aware of one another and be extra cautious as we share our Ottawa roads. We need to reduce the number of cycling accidents in Ottawa !


Ottawa injury lawyer shares Ottawa bicycle safety tips and Ottawa bylaws for helmets.

Rockland Accident

I was out visiting a client in Rockland today and as I was driving around Rockland, I couldn’t help but notice how many people were out on their bicycles .  That’s great for so, so many reasons.  We are all excited for spring to arrive and with spring comes more pedestrians, cyclist, motorcycles, ATV etc.  I wanted to take a moment and remind everyone of a few things you can do to help keep yourself and your children safe.

The Ottawa Police have a great website that offers the following bicycle accident safety tips:

-Make sure your helmet is on and fits properly.

-Your bicycle helmet should be snug and not move around.

-Your bicycle helmet should sit two finger-widths above your brows.

-The straps of your helmet should form  a V   below and around both ears.

-You should not be able to get more than 2  fingers between the chin strap and your chin.

-Ottawa and Ontario cyclists must wear a helmet by law if they are under 18 years of age.

-Do not wear a hat under a helmet.  This is not safe.

-Helmets only reduce personal injuries, they do not prevent accidents from happening.

-Do not use a helmet that has already been in an accident.

-All bicycle helmets need to be CSA, CPSC, Snell B-95, or a N-94 certification sticker.

-Remember that motorists and cyclists share the roadways.

-Cyclists must also follow the rules of the road.  The Ontario Highway Traffic Act, the Ottawa Traffic and Ottawa Parking Bylaw state that cyclists:

-Stop at all stop signs and stop at red lights

- Properly signal any changes in lanes.

-Ottawa cyclists must remain on the right side of the road

-Do not ride your bicycle on sidewalks.

-Have a bell, gong, or horn on your bicycle.

-If you are riding at night, make sure your bicycle is well lit.

Please be safe out there. Ottawa has had far too many tragic bicycle accidents and cyclists injured and we all need to obey the rules of the road.  Have a great and  happy spring on your bicycle Ottawa !

Have you been injured in an Ottawa bicycle accident? You need to know this..

If you are a cyclist and become injured as the result of a bicycle accident, you are entitled to accident benefits from the insurance company of the vehicle that hit you  or your own insurance company f you have one.  If you have any questions that relate to the rights of cyclists and compensation , please do not hesitate to contact any of our Ottawa bicycle accident lawyers.  We offer free consultations and can travel to you.

Thank you Ottawa Police, Ottawa Pathway Program, Right bike and Citizens for Safe Cycling for trying to reduce Ottawa cycling accidents.

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I want to personally thank the Ottawa Police, the Ottawa Pathway Program, Right Bike and the Citizens for Safe Cycling. Yesterday they were involved in a fantastic Ottawa safety initiative. 200 bicycle lights were handed out yesterday to cyclists who did not have proper lighting on their bicycles. This is part of a bicycle safety awareness campaign that had Ottawa Police Traffic enforcement officers  stopping cyclists who do not have the proper lights on their bicycles.  Many volunteers from Citizens for Safe Cycling, Right Bike and the City of Ottawa Pathway Patrol Program provided the  free lights and bells and also went as far as showing cyclists how to install them properly.

Cyclists need to be visible when cycling. Cyclists share the road with other cyclists, drivers and pedestrians. Now that it is getting darker, these safety measures become much more important.

Common causes of Ottawa Cycling Accidents

Did you know that the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) states that all cyclists must have  a working front light and minimum  rear reflector,  as well as a working bell?   The lack of proper lights and bells are the two most common offences Ottawa Police have come across when they have ran enforcement blitzes with a focus on cyclists.  Seems to me, there is an easy fix here.

Do what it takes to avoid an Ottawa bicycle accident

Please, ensure that when you are cycling you have taken all precautions for a safe ride.  We have lost far too many cyclists here in Ottawa to preventable accidents.  On the flip side, to everyone sharing the roads, cyclists, drivers and pedestrians, please be aware that you are sharing the roads and remain in control. Any accident can happen in a split second and can be life-altering.  Ride, drive and walk safely.


Ontario cyclists and accident benefits insurance compensation. You may be entitled !

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Did you know that as a cyclists you are entitled to Ontario accident benefits coverage ?

Your own auto insurance, may cover your physiotherapy, your income loss, pain and suffering, attendant care, rehabilitation or any other costs associated with your injuries as the result of a cycling accident. If you don’t have car insurance, the driver ‘s car insurance can also cover your costs. If a child suffers an injury while cycling, your vehicle insurance will cover the associated costs for recovery . Regardless of who is at fault, cyclists are covered.

Are there timelines to adhere to when it comes to cycling accidents ?

Yes, within 120 days of the cycling accident, you need to give notice to the driver’s insurance and your insurance company if you have one.  Your personal injury lawyer can do this for you. Then, a standard claim must be started withintwo years of the date of the accident.  There are exceptions to these timelines.  If you are unclear as to whether or not your timelines are up or not, contact an Ontario personal injury lawyer and they can answer that question for you.  If you are close to the limitation period, it is best to consult immediately with an Ontario personal injury lawyer, as it may take a little time to get the paperwork in to begin the claim.

Even if you have spoken with your insurance company, that does not constitute a claim being started.  Be careful that you do not miss the limitation period while discussing matters with your insurance company. If you aren’t sure of whether or not you will start a claim, it’s always best to get a free consultation for an Ontario personal injury lawyer and see what they have to say. After all, this is what they see day in, day out and they will be able to immediately point you in the right direction.

Will you need to go to court for a bicycle accident in Ottawa ?

In most cases, you will not go to court.  In most cases, your Ontario personal injury lawyer will negotiate a maximum settlement for you and deal directly with the insurance adjuster on your behalf.

How much will it cost to start a lawsuit for a cycling accident ?

In most cases , your Ontario personal injury lawyer will cover your costs as part of the claim. You will not have any out of pocket expenses .  Most Ontario personal injury lawyers will take your case on a contingency basis which means once and only when your case settles do you pay your personal injury lawyer and they will take an agreed upon percentage of your settlement.  This fee is discussed and you and your lawyer agree upon what that fee will be.


Ottawa Police aiming to reduce Ottawa cycling accidents with cycling safety

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth ..Ottawa Police are conducting a bicycle safety campaign until this Sunday to ensure Ottawa cyclists are adhering to all road safety rules. For everyone’s safety , Ottawa Cyclists are reminded to stop at all stop signs and red lights.  Ottawa Police are also cautioning Ottawa cyclists to be careful when crossing intersections and to use proper cycling hand signals when turning and stopping.  It is illegal for cyclists to ride on the sidewalk, and cyclists must share the road.

Please everyone–drivers and cyclists, be very careful and aware of each other out on our Ottawa roads.

-Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

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9 Ottawa cyclists in accident causes serious personal injury, Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth…Nine Ottawa cyclists were unfortunately involved in an Ottawa cycling accident yesterday. The result was that 3 of the cyclists were brought to an Ottawa hospital with serious personal injuries. The Ottawa accident occurred when two of the cyclists’ handle bars collided, which sent the rest of the cyclists flying to the ground. The Ottawa cycling accident occurred close to Devine Rd., near Hwy. 417 and Boundary Rd. One of the Ottawa cyclists, a 55-year-old woman temporarily lost consciousness and suffered serious personal injury close to her ribs. A 49-year-old man injured his left shoulder and experienced severe neck pain. A 54-year-old man also suffered personal injuries to his ear and was also taken to an Ottawa hospital. Thankfully the other riders were not as injured and suffered minor injuries.

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3 Ottawa bicycle accidents results in head injury, lacerations and other serious personal injury.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth…Ottawa cyclists were out on the roads yesterday but sadly, many of their commutes were not safe.  Ottawa Paramedics responded to 3 separate Ottawa bicycle accidents in a span of 41 minutes yesterday morning:

-Ottawa paramedics helped  a 42-year-old man with scrapes and an injury to his collar-bone after he was hit at Baseline Road and Farlane Boulevard in Ottawa’s east end.

-A 30-year-old man was hit on Prince of Wales Drive near Waterford Drive in  Ottawa’s south end.  When Ottawa paramedics arrived at the Ottawa accident scene, he was unconscious and was  treated for a head injury. He was taken to an Ottawa hospital in serious but stable condition.

-A 25-year-old man was hit while cycling at the intersection of Hunt Club Road and Bank Street in  Ottawa’s south end. He suffered an arm injury and lacerations to his knee.  He was taken to an Ottawa hospital in stable condition.

These recent Ottawa bicycle accidents bring the issue of Ottawa’ s cycling safety to the forefront.  There are far too many cycling accidents and deaths each year in Ottawa.  Most of these accidents are avoidable.  Both cyclists and drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and respect the rules of the road.  We can’t continue to have these, or even worse cycling accidents in Ottawa.

—-The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog is written regularly by Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog reports on accidents in eastern Ontario, personal injury issues, local Ottawa news and events and various news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury. Visit for more information. If you have a subject  you would like to know about or  if you have a question,  please call or email me: (613) 978-9549

Danielle Naçu dies in tragic Ottawa cycling accident Queen Street, Ottawa bicycle accident

Ottawa Cycling Accident

Tragically, 33-year-old Danielle Naçu was killed this morning when she was hit by an opening car door as she  biked west on Queen Street. The Ottawa cyclist, Danielle Nacu then fell onto the street and was run over by a passing vehicle. The Ottawa bicycle accident occurred at 8:56 a.m. between Metcalfe and O’Connor streets, close to 131 Queen St. Danielle Nacu was rushed to The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic campus trauma unit in critical condition with severe head and internal trauma. Although she had been wearing a helmet,  she sadly did not survive.  Crushed pieces of her bicycle helmet remained at the Ottawa bicycle accident scene under the car, along with her bag and some other possessions as Ottawa police investigated the Ottawa bicycle accident scene. Several people on the street and in  nearby cars rushed to help Danielle immediately after the crash. Several nearby pedestrians tried to physically lift the car off the woman and she lay trapped underneath, still breathing but not moving. Many others rushed around calling for help from anyone who may be trained in a medical field. One driver explained he was a medic and began to help the woman by covering her up by a blanket to keep her warm.

Reports also indicated that the woman who was driving the car sat on a nearby curb, crying and screaming until Ottawa police led her away for interviews.  Her male passenger in the car had dialed 911 after the Ottawa bicycle accident.

According to Ottawa paramedics Danielle Nacu had no vital signs when they arrived at the Ottawa bicycle accident scene at 8:59 a.m., and that bystanders had been aiding the victim. They immediately began treating the accident victim for  life-support. A tube and a needle were inserted and probed into one of her collapsed lungs to fill her lungs. Ottawa Firefighters also helped Ottawa paramedics. Tragically, Danielle was pronounced dead when the ambulance reached the Ottawa hospital.

Danielle Nacu’s friends have set up a Facebook site in the Ottawa cyclist’s honour and condolences are flowing in. A memorial has been erected on Queen Street where she died. Tuesday night, Ottawa  residents chained a bike, shrouded in white spray-paint, to a signpost near the Ottawa bicycle accident scene.  Ottawa residents also  dropped off flowers. Ghost bikes, as they’re known, have appeared in cities around the world where cyclists have died on roads. The goal is to remind cyclists about the dangers of cycling in traffic and  to remind drivers of cyclists’ rights on the road.

According to statistics compiled by Ottawa police on Thursday, 19 drivers have been charged with dooring so far this year. Twenty-five were charged in 2010, 19 in 2009 and 21 in 2008.

Danielle’s father Tom lies in Brampton Ontario. He told the Ottawa Citizen that he was preparing to leave for Ottawa,  to visit Danielle , as she had recently bought a condo and worked as a senior program adviser for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. He also told the Ottawa Citizen that “Danielle was a global citizen,” Tom said, taking a pause before continuing. “She was an immigration officer. She just came back from six weeks in Paris on an assignment. She’s travelled quite a bit, all over the world. She loved to travel. She was a very organized young lady, and we’re very proud of her. “She would have finished her second bachelor’s degree in April, and then she was going to take her masters.”“It’s a total shock. It’s indescribable,” he said. Danielle also had a brother, 35-year-old  Brent and her mother, Lynn Kelly.

Ottawa police have indicated that it is too early to say whether any charges will be laid in the case, or to release further details.

On Facebook Tuesday, a memorial bicycle ride was being organized for next Tuesday to mark the Danielle Naçu’s death. The ride will start at 9 a.m. at the intersection of Queen Street and Bronson Avenue, and  head slowly east along Queen to the bicycle accident scene at the corner of Metcalfe Street.

This was a terrible Ottawa bicycle accident and my thoughts and sympathy go out to the family and friends of this woman.. What a tragic loss…

Not all accidents can be avoided but please be extra cautious out there on our Ottawa roads; both as drivers and cyclists. Double and triple checking could save lives..

It said in her obituary “Danielle was both an inspiration and an energy so rare to find in this life — ever so precious to lose,” “Danielle travelled the world, personally and professionally, basking in the experiences of new cultures and the opportunity of representing the Canadian government and our nation. Hard-working, dedicated, driven and supremely kind, our little sunshine also volunteered at local missions, attended the University of Ottawa, and was nearing completion of her second degree while working full-time with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. She was fiercely passionate about the environment and rallied her community to take action in making a difference.”

“Our nation has lost one of tomorrow’s leaders, our community has lost one of its great residents, our co-workers have lost a great friend, our friends have lost an inspiring force and our family has lost a great light. Danielle’s smile, compassion and genuine kindness are her legacy and will forever be the sunshine in our hearts and minds.”

The family has asked that condolences be made on the Facebook group “In Memory of Danielle Nacu” or the Kelly Funeral Home website.

from the Ottawa Citizen



Ottawa Bicycle Cycling Accidents, Ottawa Bicycle Safety? Ontario Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Does  Ottawa needs a safe cycling educational campaign to help cut down on the number of cyclists killed and injured in Ottawa ?  Yes, says the president of Citizens for Safe Cycling. “I think there’s a total lack of awareness with a lot of cyclists, how vulnerable they are,” Hans Moor said in an interview with the Citizen Saturday. “It’s on both sides, of course — the number of drivers you see running red lights, turning right without indicating, driving through stop signs. On both sides, we need more education.”

Moor made the comments at a time when a 71-year-old cyclist was fighting for his life in hospital after being hit by a car on Hawthorne Road, just north of Hunt Club Road, early Saturday afternoon. The accident comes in a year that has already seen four cycling fatalities in Ottawa:

- Alex Hayes, a 16-year-old high school student, was biking home from work at MacKinnon’s Foodland in Greely when he was struck by a vehicle and killed on Sept. 10. Forty-year-old Samira Mohamed Daoud has been charged with stealing a vehicle, driving drunk, and criminal negligence causing death.

- A 48-year-old cyclist died of head and neck injuries Sept. 4 after flipping over his handlebars while biking on Somerset Street East in the middle of the night. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

- John Barton, 53, was killed while cycling to work on Aug. 13, when novice driver Aldenia Orchard turned right and hit him with her Chevrolet Tracker.

- 16-year-old Robin Freeman was struck by a motorcycle while riding his BMX bike on Carling Avenue May 16. The driver of the motorcycle, 26-year-old Kyle Ferguson, also died as a result of the crash.

Moor said his organization is considering running an education campaign next year, and would like to partner with the provincial or municipal governments. An ad on the side of an OC Transpo bus featuring the mayor in a bike helmet, urging people to cycle safely, could go a long way toward raising public awareness, he said. Tom Trottier, past president of Citizens for Safe Cycling, said that although cycling deaths can understandably discourage people from biking around the city, in fact safety lies in numbers and the city should do more to encourage cycling. “The more cyclists there are, the safer they are. People get used to them, drivers get used to them, and they get more respect,” Trottier said. Trottier and Moor agreed that the city is taking some positive steps — with new cycle lanes painted on Lyon Street and plans for a pilot project next summer to create a segregated cycle lane east-west across downtown. Mayoral candidate Clive Doucet said the road infrastructure throughout the city should be improved for cyclists. “The only way you’re going to make these things safe is paving the shoulders and creating a dedicated cycle lane,” he said. Mayor Larry O’Brien said the recent spate of cyclist fatalities and injuries is moving cycling from being a social issue to a public safety issue. “The first priority of any government is the safety of its citizens,” he said, noting the city has been working with the NCC and the planning department to address the changes needed. “(The number of accidents) reinforces the need to continue looking at the transportation plan to see where the plan can accommodate cyclists. “The city is active on this file and we can’t take our foot off the gas on this one,” he said.

Source:  The Ottawa Citizen

What do you think ?  I would love to hear from you?


Tragic Ottawa bicycle accident results in cyclist’s death, Ottawa attorney David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

I am sorry to report of this tragic Ottawa bicycle accident. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of the deceased victim. The Ottawa Citizen reported that a 53-year-old male Ottawa cyclist is dead after a tragic car crash with a black Chevrolet Tracker in the city’s west end around 7:00 a.m. this morning. The driver of the SUV in the fatal accident in the Britannia area was traumatized immediately after the accident.   Terry Orchard was her husband and he spoke with the Ottawa Citizen news reporter.  He shared that his wife Aldenia had been turning right onto Boyce Avenue when the cyclist tragically went under SUV. He explained that his wife attempted to avoid the cyclist but that it was too late and the cyclist slid under their vehicle. Several area residents were also interviewed by the paper and some expressed their shock, while others noted that there had been a recent influx of Ottawa cyclists in the area,  who were avoiding construction on the bike path in that area. When Ottawa rescue crews arrived at the Ottawa bicycle accident scene , they found the cyclist trapped under the SUV and were able to free him. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. The cyclist was rushed to a nearby hospital and along the way paramedics treated him and performed CPR on route. The cyclist was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at hospital.

Police, who have not yet released the name of the cyclist and are currently investigating the accident.  Boyce Avenue between Carling Avenue and Walter Street is being closed off for investigation. Ottawa police are also requesting for commuters to please avoid the area.

Victims who suffer serious personal injury in Ottawa bicycle accidents and Ontario bicycle accidents may need to obtain compensation for their injuries or loss of a loved one. With the help of an Ottawa personal injury lawyer  that understands the laws regarding bicycle accidents in Ontario and who  specializes in personal injury and driver negligence and can help you get back to your life as best possible. Ottawa  Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth helps those injured in bicycle and pedestrian accidents. If you were hit by a car while cycling or walking, or a loved one has suffered a wrongful death due to a bicycle accident, you have a right to obtain accident benefits from the driver’s insurance policy and might be able to file for compensation through a tort claim obtaining financial compensation for damages through a personal injury claim. To arrange a free initial consultation about your bicycle or pedestrian accident, please contact our office by e-mail or call 613 978-9549 or 613 237-4922 ext 203.