Ottawa pedestrian accident Vanier Parkway and Coventry results in head injury, shoulder injury and leg injury.

Pedestrian Accident in Vanier

Regrettably,  an Ottawa pedestrian was struck by a car late yesterday afternoon on the Vanier Parkway, close to Coventry. A 56 year old man suffered serious personal injuries including a head injury, shoulder injury and leg injury and was rushed to Ottawa’s trauma centre where he remains in serious but thankfully stable condition. I wish him a full recovery and hope his injuries are not life-altering. Ottawa Police are investigating the Ottawa accident.

Many pedestrian accidents result in serious head injuries among other things. These injuries tend to require a lot of support and a lot of compensation. Thankfully there are many valuable resources available for people in the Ottawa area who have suffered a brain injury.

Brain Injury Resources in Ottawa

The Brain Injury Association of Ottawa Valley

The Brain Injury Association of Canada

The Ottawa Hospital Aquired Brain Injury Program

The Vista Centre

Pathways to Independence

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Ottawa-Carleton Rehabilitation

These are just some of the Ottawa brain injury resources available and there are many more. Living with a brain injury is not easy.  Our personal injury lawyers understand how difficult life can be with a brain injury for not only the person with the injury but also their family and friends.

We have others and we can help you.


Ottawa wrongful death accident Merivale Road: Ottawa Police our support.

Personal Injury Lawyer Ottawa David Hollingsworth . Ottawa Police are asking for witnesses to a fatal accident that occurred last Sunday, June 3, 2012 on Withrow Avenue at Merivale Road. The fatal accident  occurred at 2:20 p.m. when a vehicle travelling eastbound on Withrow Avenue was making a right hand turn onto Merivale Road and tragically hit a 66 year old woman. The vehicle involved was a black 2008 Acura being driven by a 20 year old man.  A male passenger was also in the vehicle at the time.  Sadly, she died in an Ottawa hospital, succumbing to her personal injuries. My thoughts are with her family and friends and this incredibly difficult time. Not only have they lost a loved one, they do not have any answers.

The Ottawa police need our help.  If you saw this accident or have any information  relating to this terrible accident, please contact Detective Nigel Emaman of the Ottawa Police Service Traffic Collision Investigation Section at 613-236-1222, ext. 2474.

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Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth, wrongful death accident in Ottawa Ontario

Ottawa Pedestrian accident Coventry Road results in serious head injury and orthopedic injuries. Woman rushed to Ottawa Civic Hospital Trauma Centre

Ottawa Injury Lawyer, Ottawa Accident Attorney David Hollingsworth…Earlier this morning, a 54-year-old Ottawa woman suffered serious personal injury on Coventry Road when she was hit by a car in an accident.  She is in serious condition at the Ottawa Hospital’s Civic campus Trauma Unit. The Ottawa woman was crossing the street at Coventry near the corner of Lola about 7:30 a.m. The intersection is just east of the Ottawa baseball stadium.It was reported that she  was thrown 20 feet  in the air. She suffered very serious personal injury; including a serious head injury, an arm  compound fracture and damage to her shoulder area, and was being treated at the trauma centre at the Civic campus. A head injury can be a life altering injury and I wish her a speedy and hopefully a full recovery.

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Ottawa Pedestrian in Critical Condition, head injury and fractures

Ottawa Lawyers, Law Firms in Ottawa Ontario— Sadly, for the second time in as many days, an Ottawa pedestrian has been struck while jaywalking across a busy Ottawa road.  A man in his 30s was rushed to an Ottawa hospital in critical condition last after he was struck by a pickup truck while trying to cross Ottawa’s Vanier Parkway at Donald Street. The man was thrown 10 to 12 metres after being hit by the truck “at a high rate of speed”, according to Ottawa paramedics. He was unconscious when Ottawa paramedics arrived and was suffering from critical, life-threatening head injuries and multiple fractures to his legs. My thoughts are with this man.  I hope he is ok and has a full and speedy recovery.

Ottawa police Sgt. Claude Mallet, said a man in his 50s was driving the pickup truck with his spouse in the passenger seat. They remained at the scene after the Ottawa collision. Mallet said no criminal charges were expected to be laid, but that an investigation was ongoing. An off-duty paramedic was the first to treat the victim until an on-duty crew arrived, paramedics said. Advanced care paramedics inserted a breathing tube that also protected his airway, then stabilized his fractures and transported him to The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic campus trauma centre “on the highest priority.”

The accident bears striking similarities to one that occurred the night before on Alta Vista Drive. In that incident, an 81-year-old man using a walker was struck by a van while crossing Alta Vista near Dale Street. Coincidentally, off-duty paramedics were also the first on scene, but the man died of his injuries soon after. The crash is still under investigation.

Ottawa-Please be careful out there. 

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Ottawa bicycle safety ? Are Ottawans at risk? Ottawa Lawyer David Hollingsworth shares..

 Ottawa bicycle accident lawyer David Hollingsworth, Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

A new poll in Ottawa seems to suggest that Ottawa citizens would be interested in the prospect of increased bicycle culture in Ottawa. More Ottawa citizens would cycle to work if the paths were made safer to use, and the bicycle culture of Ottawa promoted generally, including more dedicated bicycle paths, accommodation by transit facilities, and improved bicycle storage areas. Each year, countless deaths and serious injuries occur do to bicycle injuries. These tragic rates of injury, combined with the results from this new study, seem to suggest that we could do more in terms of bicycle reform and culture in Ottawa to help prevent lives and save innocent victims from getting hurt each year on our city streets and pathways in Ottawa.

Some controversy exists between experts regarding if separate bicycle lanes actually reduce accidents and personal injury. One perspective argues that there’s no basis to conclude that it is not safe to cycle on the streets of Ottawa. Only a few high-profile accidents, this side argues, make it appear to Ottawa residents that bicycle culture is not currently conducive to high levels of safety. Currently, about 31 % of Ottawa poll participants state that they would be more likely to bike to work or school if roads were made safer for cyclists.

According to the 2001 Statistics Canada Census data, about 2 % of employed people in Ottawa bike to work. Thus, it is clear that there is a strong basis of bicycle culture already well established, and a willingness to cycle to work in general by the people of Ottawa. 82 % of poll participants felt that the city should do all it can do to reduce Ottawa cycling accidents. At the same time, 23 % of respondents said they would not bicycle to work under any circumstances. Other Ottawa residents said they would consider the prospect of cycling to work if it were made easier to take bikes on public transit. Another 5 % wanted more secure places to lock up their bikes. In terms of gender disparity, more men than women seem amiable to bicycling to work (39 % vs. 19%, respectively).

With over 11 years experience as an Ottawa, Ontario personal injury lawyer, David Hollingsworth has been helping Ottawa accident victims and Ontario accident victims get the help they need following an accident. If you or a loved one has been involved in an Ottawa accident or an Ontario accident and have suffered serious personal injury or death you are likely entitled to compensation you are not receiving. Let David Hollingsworth, one of Ottawa’s best personal injury lawyers who is an experienced and highly qualified Ontario personal injury lawyer in Ottawa help for you. Visit for free consultations.

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