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Did you witness this accident ? Ottawa Police investigating pedestrian accident Bank and Gladstone and need our help.

Accident in Ottawa

An Ottawa accident has left a 62 year old man is serious yet thankfully stable condition.  He was walking when he was hit at the corner of Bank street, close to Gladstone yesterday afternoon at around 4:00pm. Ottawa rescue crews arrived to the accident scene and found out that a car was travelling at a speed of 50km/hour when it hit the pedestrian.The impact of the crash was so severe, it sent the pedestrian flying and he landed close to 10 feet away from where he was hit. It was reported that the driver had been driving approximately 50 KM/hr when they hit the pedestrian, send them flying a good 10 feet. This impact caused a severe head injury , which was thankfully stabilized en route to Ottawa’s  Trauma Centre.

Ottawa Police are urging anyone with information that relates to this Ottawa accident to please come forward with any available information.

Completing OCF forms

Did you know that pedestrians have many rights and can be entitled to accident benefits if they are injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle?  If a pedestrian is injured and they have their own insurance policy, accident benefits can be obtained through their own insurance company. An injured pedestrian must notify their insurance company and request an Accident Benefits package.  The insurance company will then send out a package in the mail , which needs to be completed in a timely manner.  This package contains many OCF forms.  Our accident benefits specialists are available to complete these forms for you at no charge.  It’s important that all the required OCF forms be filled out and that there are no mistakes on your OCF forms.  It’s not that mistakes can’t be corrected, but they may delay the process or in extreme cases deny you of accident benefits to which you are entitled to.

Most of our personal injury clients prefer to let us complete all the OCF forms on their behalf. We can also do this for you.

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