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Do I have to be examined by the insurance company’s doctor ?

Do I have to be examined by the insurance company’s doctor ?

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Insurance companies have their own set of experts and this includes doctors. Typically , when a personal injury claim is made, both sides will prepare their case and part of this preparation involves having the injured party get a medical opinion on the extent of the injuries.  The insurance company’s doctor will provide an assessment. Both the plaintiff and the insurance company will have their own medical specialists who will conduct a thorough  medical examination. The findings of these independent medical examinations are then shared with the other side.

What is an independent medical examination ?

It is crucial that anyone who is injured and is attending such medical examinations tell the absolute truth and not downplay their injuries.  No one wants to be injured, and our clients are often quietly suffering with their injuries.  An independent medical examination can be stressful. We often recommend that our clients try to get a good night’s sleep the night before, bring a friend or a family member to help  remember any questions or concerns that may pop up during the examination.  Often times, we recommend that the person attending the examination with the injured party take detailed notes, if possible. Important things to note would be how long the examination was and what types of questions were asked of the injured.

It’s important that anyone who is in an independent medical examination knows that they need to stick to the facts. If they are unsure how to answer a question, that they don’t take a guess.  It’s critical to stick to the facts and only the facts. Your personal injury lawyer can help you prepare for this examination. An experienced personal injury lawyer will walk you  through the entire process and ensure that you are prepared properly for the independent medical examination. They will be able to provide you with examples of the types of questions that may be asked in an independent medical examination.

The bottom line is, this examination is only one side of the story and your case will also be looking at your own medical doctor’s notes , as well as a medical examination conducted by a doctor , who was hired by your personal injury lawyer.  In the end all the evidence will be collected and the truth prevails. If you have any questions regarding an independent medical examination, feel free to contact any of our personal injury lawyers at www.ottawainjury.ca


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