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Kanata bicycle accident. Child rushed to Ottawa hospital with severe child head injury.

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Now that spring is here ( at least until tomorrow) , the bicycles are out.  Many people are biking to work , school and just about anywhere on their bicycles.  Unfortunately, this also means an increased chance of cycling accidents in the Ottawa area. Sadly, Ottawa bicycle accidents have already begun and a 17-year-old teenage girl was rushed to an Ottawa hospital in serious condition with  a severe head injury. She had been biking in Kanata this morning, when she was hit by a car as she crossed the street. The Kanata bicycle accident took place at Shirley’s Brook Drive close Kinross Private early this morning . When Ottawa rescue crews arrived, the young girl seemed confused , which is a sign of a closed head injury. A head injury can be a devastating and life changing injury. I wish this young girl a full recovery and I hope she is able to completely get through this accident. My thoughts are with her, her family and her friends at this incredible stressful time.

Many cycling accidents result in severe head injuries.  A head injury can be a catastrophic injury and must be diagnosed and treated properly.  We have many clients who have suffered a head injury and felt fine immediately following their accident.  In some instances, the true effects of their head injury don’t manifest until days later, in some cases, it can even be months later.  That is why it is critical that a head injury not be taken lightly. If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury; go see a doctor and listen to your doctor.  If you are suffering from a concussion, you will likely be advised to rest, avoid screens, loud noises and busy activities. In a nut shell you want to give your brain a chance to rest as much as possible. Yes, this means a complete shut down if possible ! Your doctor will best advise you of how long and exactly what you will need to do. Take care of yourself and your concussion.

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