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Ottawa accident highway 401 and highway 416 sends 2 to hospital with hip injury, pelvis injury, shoulder injury and severe leg fracture.

Brockville Accident

Accident highway 401

An accident on Highway 401, east of Brockville Friday resulted in a 20 car pileup accident and left  two people with serious personal injuries. The accident occurred close to Maitland and the  416  split. Although the snow storm only lasted 5 minutes, it caused a lot of damage and injury.  Cars and tractor trailers were swerving all over the highway and one tractor trailer caught flames. Given the number of vehicles involved in the accident, it’s no wonder there were not more injuries. Ottawa paramedics reported that a 68 year old woman suffered a hip injury, pelvis injury and shoulder injuries.  They also reported that a 33 year old man suffered a fractured leg.

Thankfully many drivers were able to pullover to safety as the intense snow storm began.  There is no doubt that this helped in keeping the number of injured down to 2. The Ottawa Police and the Ontario Provincial Police are investigating the accident. I am so thankful no one died and I hope that the 2 people who did suffer personal injury are able to recover fully from this terrible accident.

Our personal injury lawyers travel to Brockville on a regular basis to help people who have been injured or lost a loved on in a Brockville accident. We are able to sit down and discuss what are the best options given the nature of the accident and the extent of the injuries.  All of our consultations are free.  It’s important for our lawyers to establish a comfortable relationship with our clients and that at any given time throughout their case, they know they can come to us with anything. Our clients tell us that’s what distinguished us from other personal injury lawyers and that’s one of the many reasons they hire us.

If you would like to hear from us or other clients we have helped following a Brockville accident, let us know. We would be help.



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