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Ottawa accident Rideau Road and Hawthorne results in serious head injury, neck injury, back injury and facial injury. Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth reports.

Accident in Ottawa, Ontario

An Ottawa accident in the south end of the city has resulted in serious personal injuries to 2 women.   Ottawa paramedics arrived to the Ottawa accident scene Tuesday at  Rideau Rd. and Hawthorne Rd.  A van and a car were involved in the Ottawa accident. A woman who was riding in the passenger seat was treated for a serious head injury, neck injury, back injury, and facial injuries. She’s in serious but thankfully stable condition. My thoughts are with her, her family and friends at this very stressful time…She was with another woman who was driving . Thankfully, she is in stable condition but she suffered personal  injuries. The Ottawa Police are investigating this Ottawa accident. If you have any information that could help them, please contact the Ottawa Police.

Passengers are entitled to Ontario accident benefits from their own insurance policy or the insurance policy of the driver(s) of the vehicle (s) involved in the accident. Our Ottawa accident lawyers work people who have been injured in an accident in Ontario.  It’s our job to ensure that our clients are well represented and that the insurance company is treating them fairly.  When our clients come to us they are in pain and they need help.  Our Ottawa accident lawyers can step in and represent you . We want to make sure that our clients are on the best road to recovery possible.  This means getting top medical diagnoses, rehabilitation and a plan to rebuild a life with a new injury. Our accident lawyers also look to the future and hire medical professionals to diagnose what your injuries mean for the future.  This is an incredibly important step in an Ontario personal injury lawsuit. It’s important that you receive maximum compensation for the future.  We have helped hundreds of families rebuild and live a comfortable life following an accident and we can help you.


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