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Ottawa accident Transitway, Ottawa River Parkway, driver charged with impaired driving

Ottawa Accident Woodroffe Avenue

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Ottawa police responded to calls last night of a driver swerving  on the Ottawa River Parkway at Woodroffe Avenue.  The driver drove his vehicle onto the Transitway, lost control and hit a rock wall. The 35-year-old male driver was alone  in the vehicle and was rushed to an Ottawa   hospital with personal injuries. Ottawa police have charged with impaired driving.

Accidents involving impaired drivers

When a motor vehicle accident involves an impaired driver there are several questions that need to be asked right away.  Firstly , did the impaired driver injure someone? Did they injure themselves?  Were they responsible for serving themselves the alcohol or was there an establishment that continued to serve them more than was a reasonable amount.

Often times, in an accident involving an impaired driver, police and lawyers will often look to the bars, liquor stores, restaurants, and clubs to determine whether or not they are partly responsible.

In Ontario, a drinking establishment may be held accountable if:

  • alcohol was sold to a minor who injured or killed another individual.
  • alcohol was sold to an individual who was clearly intoxicated, who then caused in injury or death to another individual.

Bar Liability in Ontario

Under Ontario law establishing a drinking establishment’s liability is a matter of showing that the driver who caused the accident was served more alcohol than was reasonable under the circumstances; this may include looking at things such as how many alcoholic beverages were served, , the driver’s size and weight, how tall/short and how much the driver weighs, the driver’s behaviour, whether or not the drinking establishment knew or ought to have known that the driver would be driving, amongst several other important factors. These establishments are trained and responsible for responsible serving and ensuring their patrons are safe. This includes “cutting someone off” if necessary.

All this to say, everyone is responsible for their own behaviour and the consequences for impaired driving are their for a very good reason.  When it comes to personal injuries suffered from an accident involving an impaired driver, there are often various options when it comes to compensation .

If you require more information regarding accidents and impaired drivers, please contact one of our personal injury lawyers today and let us walk you through your options . For more information, visit our website www.ottawainjury.ca/uninsured-drivers/



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