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Ottawa injury lawyer: Ottawa bicycle accident Wurtemburg and Rideau results in personal injury.

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Accident Lawyers in Ottawa Ontario David Hollingsworth and Associates…

Regrettably, an Ottawa cyclist was on her bicycle yesterday morning by a vehicle at the intersection of Wurtemburg Street and Rideau.  Ottawa Police were able to treat the female cyclist at the Ottawa accident scene but the extent of her injuries was not known at the time of the accident. Ottawa Police are investigating the accident and what may have caused it.

There are far too many cyclist injured in Ottawa every year. Ottawa has very  busy streets and our cyclists and pedestrians are a big part of our busy streets. Typically, when a cyclists and cars collide, the cyclist loses and suffers very serious injuries.  Regardless of who is at fault, cyclists will typically  be entitled to compensation from the driver’s insurance company.

There are many legal options to explore after a bicycle accident. There are the immediate expenses to cover, as well as medical and rehabilitative support and then there is financial compensation moving forward. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers have over 25 years experience protecting Ottawa cyclists and ensuring they are well taken care of and on the best road to recovery following a bicycle accident in Ottawa.

Bicycle Accidents and Injuries

Cyclists involved in a cycling accident with a car or truck typically suffer any number of severe injuries, including orthopaedic injuries, broken bones and head injuries and spinal injuries. Unfortunately, in these accidents , a helmet is not enough protection. Our personal injury lawyers are highly experienced in cycling accidents and can hire expert accident reconstruction experts to reconstruct cycling accidents and prepare engineering reports to show the impact of a cycling accident.

Typically, there is more obligation on a motorists to avoid a cycling accident and there is a reverse onus of proof on the driver. In other words, this means that in a cycling accident a driver must prove that they were NOT at fault. Our bicycle accident lawyers are also experienced in preparing for this.

Cycling accident and free consultations with our personal injury lawyers

Regardless of whether or not you plan on starting a personal injury lawsuit after a cycling accident, It is always best you inform yourself of your legal rights in the even that you may need compensation or support down the road. Some injuries do not show up immediately and months later, cyclists find themselves living in chronic pain.

Our Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyers will travel to you and sit down with you and walk you through all your legal options so that you can make the best possible decision following your accident.

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