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Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth explains Ontario accident benefits, timelines and where to find accident benefit forms

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth and Associates. If you have been involved in an accident in Ontario, you will most likely need accident benefits coverage. Regardless of who is at fault in the accident, everyone is entitled to accident benefits in most cases. There are however timelines that need to be adhered to make sure that you receive all the accident benefits you are entitled to in a timely manner.

To ensure access to timely your accident benefits:

  • You have to notify your insurance company immediately of the accident (In the instance where you do not have  insurance, you must put the insurance company of the other vehicle(s) involved in your accident on notice).
  • You must complete all accident benefits application forms ( This includes an income loss form to be completed by your employer and a separate  form indicating your injuries which must be completed by a treating medical physician).
  • If you are self-employed, you must be able to prove your income.
  • The insurance company may want to take a sworn  statement outlining the details of the accident and your injuries,.

In most cases, the following Ontario accident benefits are available:

  • Loss of income benefits up to  80 % of your net income from employment, to a maximum of $400.00 per week (unless additional coverage was purchased).
  • The income benefit is payable for 2 years following your  accident, if you are unable to perform the essential tasks of your employment. Income benefit will continue to be paid after 2 years if you are completely unable  to work in any capacity for which you are reasonably suited by education, training or experience.
  • Attendant care benefits are typically capped at $72,000.00. If your injury is determined to be “catastrophic”,  attendant care benefits can increase to a maximum of $1,000,000.00.
  • If you were unemployed at the time of your accident, you are not entitled to any weekly accident benefit for at least 6 months. If after 6 months, you still suffer a complete inability to carry on your normal life,  you will become entitled to  minimum non-earner benefits.
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses are capped at $100,000.00. If your injury is deemed“catastrophic” , medical and rehabilitation benefits are increased to $1,000,000.00.
  • Death benefits of $25,000.00 are payable to the deceased’s spouse and an additional $10,000.00 to each deceased’s dependents. Funeral expenses are paid to a maximum of $6,000.00.
  • If you were a caregiver at the time of your accident and are unable to carry out your caregiver duties, you will be entitled to receive the reasonable costs of paying for professional care to a maximum of $250 weekly with an additional $50.00 per  child.

All accident benefits forms can be found at http://www.fsco.gov.on.ca

If you or a loved one has been injured and would like free legal advice about how best to maximize your Ontario accident benefits forms, consult with any of our Ottawa personal injury lawyers.  It is our job to ensure you receive maximum compensation and that you completely understand what you are entitled to following an accident in Ontario. We know the accident benefits process can be difficult and stressful and we are here to help. Contact us today so we can help get you on the right path.

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