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Ottawa pedestrian accident Kent street results in head injury, pelvis injury and arm injury.

Ottawa Pedestrian Accident

An unidentified 50-year-old woman was rushed to an Ottawa hospital with serious personal injuries after she was hit by a truck on Kent street, near Slater this  morning at approximately 7:30. The impact caused her to suffer personal injuries to her head, pelvis, and arm.  I wish her a full recovery and hope none of these injuries are permanent.

Pedestrian accident often result in serious injuries and many pedestrians are unaware of the accident benefits they are entitled to. Regardless of whether or not a pedestrians has their own insurance policy or regardless of whether or not they are at fault, you have rights and you likely have an injury claim for compensation against the driver of the vehicle that hit you. Most pedestrian are entitled to medical expenses, medical treatments. and compensation for pain and suffering among other expenses.

The question that comes into play in a pedestrian accident is ..was there contributory negligence.  Contributory negligence is when the pedestrian is help party responsible  for the accident. The amount of compensation is reduced if the pedestrian is found partially responsible for the accident.  In other words, the insurance company will try to pay less in compensation if the pedestrian was not crossing at a crosswalk etc… This is when it is absolutely vital that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer representing you.  not only will your personal injury lawyer protect you and your rights, they will ensure that the proper amount of compensation is paid out and not a reduced amount based on factors the insurance company is going to try to argue.

Pedestrian accident claims can be tricky and it’s important that you hire a personal injury lawyer you are comfortable with and can trust. Request a free consultation with a lawyer and ask them point blank what experience they have with pedestrian accidents and what type of compensation, benefits and support you can expect.  If they know what they are talking about, you will know right away that they are the personal injury lawyer for your pedestrian accident.







Ottawa pedestrian car accidents


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