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Ottawa pedestrian accident Merivale road and Hunt Club results in serious head injury.

Pedestrian Accident Merivale Road

Ottawa Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth and his personal injury lawyer team

Ottawa Rescue Crews rushed to Merivale road, close to Hunt Club and Roydon Place Monday night around  5:13 p.m.  A 50 year old woman was out for a walk with her husband when suddenly, a car hit her. The female pedestrian suffered  a  large cut to her head and was rushed to the Civic Hospital in very serious but thankfully stable condition. My thoughts are with her and her family at this time and that there is not permanent repercussions from her head injury.

Head injuries can be very serious and life altering injuries that affect the injured and their friends and family. It’s important no matter what symptoms one has ( mild, moderate or sever) that they be examined by a medical professional immediately.  Someone with a head injury may feel weak or dizzy and simply think they have a headache; however those can also be early sign of a brain injury. We work very closely with our clients who have sustained a head injury and their families. The effects of a brain injury vary.  Depending on the severity of the acquired brain injury, most areas of the injured person’s life will suffer a change ranging from remembering, talking to caring for oneself. Often times, people with an acquired brain injury are unable to return to work after their accident. This can be partly due to the change in mood, as many people with a brain injury become very frustrated with their inability to carry on life as they once knew. In some situations, people with a brain injury have difficulties interacting with others and find themselves alienated. This feeling of alienation can also bring on other feelings.

Support, rehabilitation and compensation will be needed for most people who suffer a brain injury.  Our personal injury lawyers can help the injured and their family receive accident benefits, income replacement benefits, disability benefits, caregiver benefits and housekeeping benefits to name a few.

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