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Ride on lawnmower accident severs 3 year old’s foot. A tragic reminder for us all to be careful with the use of ride on lawnmowers.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth.  A recent  terrible lawnmower accident reminds us all of the dangers of ride-on lawnmowers.  It’s easy to forget how quickly accidents can happen with these vehicles. On Wednesday, a 3 year little boy has had his foot severed off  as a result of his leg being  run over by a tractor in L’Ange Gardien. The young boy’s uncle had been mowing the grass when the terrible accident occurred. The young boy was immediately rushed to CHEO and treated for his injuries.

Unfortunately this type of accident is not uncommon.  Many ride on recreational vehicles tip easily and become hazards.  Something as innocent as cutting the grass can turn into a terrible and dangerous situation.

Here are a few things you can do to help ensure a safer experience:

  • Always start your lawnmower while in the driver’s seat.
  • Never stand next to the lawnmower while it is running.
  • ƒDisengage the lawnmower and transmission before you start to use it.
  • ƒEngage the blades at the lowest engine setting first and then slowly release the brakes.
  • Stay clear of objects such as trees, rocks and shrubs.
  • ƒAlways slow down when turning the lawn mower.
  • Never put your hands or feet near the blades or under the lawnmower.
  • ƒClean clippings and debris from your lawn mower after each use.

Accidents can happen anytime , anywhere. This tragic accident is just another reminder of how in a split second an accident can happen. My thoughts go out to this young boy, his family and his uncle.
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