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Second Dr. Chow motorcycle accident leaves Dr Chow with broken ankle, cracked ribs, a head concussion and a possible injured clavicle.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth.

When we first hear of a motorcycle accident, immediately we think that most likely the motorcycle driver must be severely injured. It goes without saying that if a motorcycle and a car or truck collide, the motorcycle driver will inevitably suffer the most injuries.  There just isn’t enough protective equipment in the world for that to have a different outcome. When we heard of Dr Chow’s motorcycle accident, we thought it must be bad. It wasn’t long ago that all of Ottawa heard the shocking news that the Ottawa Senators team doctor, Dr. Chow was in a terrible motorcycle accident.   Thankfully he survived and recovered. Now, almost 3 years to the day he has been in another motorcycle accident. Dr Chow’s motorcycle accident occurred on Fisher Avenue at Prince of Wales Drive  on Sunday afternoon as he drove in to cover a colleagues shift at the Ottawa hospital.  It was reported that  Dr. Chow suffered a broken ankle, cracked ribs, a head concussion and a possible  injured clavicle. Ottawa police  stated that a vehicle that hit the motorcycle was making an  improper left  turn and right into the path of Dr. Chow’s motorcycle.

We are so thankful that Dr. Chow’s motorcycle accident was not as severe as his previous motorcycle accident.  I have had the pleasure of attending several events where Dr. Chow has spoken about his accident, his road to recovery and his dedication to the Ottawa community.  I even have close relatives who have had Dr. Chow as their surgeon.  Dr. Chow is  with the Ottawa Senators ,  is an associate professor of surgery at the University of Ottawa and is also well established in the sporting community.

His recovery is inspirational and I hope he is able to recover fully from this most recent accident.



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