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Strange Ottawa accident: high winds leave woman with severed leg. Be careful.

Ottawa personal injury lawyers David Hollingsworth. Thankfully the winds have died down now but earlier today they were quite strong; strong enough to blow open a driver’s door as she reversed her car. This strange accident caused by violent winds has left a 29-year old Ottawa woman with a serious injury to her leg. Early this morning, when the winds were blowing strong in Ottawa, the female driver reached to pull the door closed as she was reversing.  What happened next was shocking. Her vehicle ran over her leg and she was left with one leg in the vehicle and one out of the vehicle. An Ottawa paramedic reported that one of her legs was lying on the ground and explained to news sources that the vehicle continued to back up over her entire leg. The woman remains in serious condition in an Ottawa hospital and is risking losing her leg. This type of accident seems impossible, but sadly, these real life stories tell us otherwise. Our thoughts are with this woman and we hope they are able to reattach her leg and she is able to recover fully from this terrible, strange accident.

Please be careful out there on your way home, whether you are walking or driving.  The winds may pick up again and there is no telling how forceful they can be.  Accidents can happen in an instant and some accidents are life-altering.

In most cases, if you are injured in an accident, you will have the right to accident benefits insurance.  This insurance my be through your own insurance company or it may be through a family member’s insurance or the driver of the car who injured you.  It’s important you know your rights when it comes to Ontario accident benefits.  Most experienced personal injury lawyers will meet with you free of charge and help you determine your best options. You owe it to yourself, your heath and your recovery.


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