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What happens if I lent my car to a friend and they got into an accident?

Did you know that lending your car also means you are lending your insurance policy ?

Implications when lending your car.

Implications when lending your car.

In Ontario, lending your vehicle to someone else could potentially put you in a dangerous situation. While you may think throwing your buddy the keys to take your car is no big deal, our Ottawa injury lawyers caution you to think long and hard about this decision. Your good standing with your insurance company could potentially be at risk, should the borrower get into an accident.

As Ottawa injury lawyers, we hate breaking the news to people about the repercussions of loaning your vehicle. Most people don’t realise that when you lend your vehicle to someone else and they are involved in a collision and are at-fault, your auto insurance policy may be the policy that ultimately pays out for any injuries or damages if a personal injury claim is made. In the end, this could cost the owner of the vehicle because as we all know, insurance rates can increase once a claim is made. These costs can range.  On the lighter side, the owner of the vehicle may have to pay a deductible; however, depending on the circumstances of the accident, the owner of the vehicle could be on the hook for a lot more. For example, if the borrower is in breach of a condition of the insurance policy; perhaps their driver’s license was expired, or perhaps they were charged with distracted driving (texting while driving), the owner’s insurance company can possibly deny insurance coverage . If this denial were to occur, the owner may personally be responsible. If the accident is serious in nature and someone is seriously injured, this could mean that the owner of the vehicle could be responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars in compensation.

Please exercise caution when lending your vehicle. There is so much more at stake. Our Ottawa injury lawyers hope you can make an informed decision. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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