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CBC journalist shares his top 10 safety tips for Ottawa cyclists.

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth.

CBC video journalist Steve Fischer produced a top ten list for cyclists in the Ottawa area that I wanted to share. Not only is he a video journalist, he is an avid cyclist.  In the article Steve gave his top 10 safety tips for cycling in the Ottawa area. I have paraphrased slightly and put a bit of my own spin on some of his recommendations…

  1. Purchase a rear view mirror. Cars have them and so should bicycles. A rear view mirror can attach to sunglasses, helmets or a bicycle depending on your preference.
  2. Always wear a helmet. A helmet could save your life.
  3. Make use of lights and a bells. If riding at dusk or later,  LED red light that blinks are the best and will help make you more visible at night.   Bells are also required by law.
  4. Properly maintain your brakes. Brakes need to be checked regularly.
  5. Always obey the rules of the road. Make sure you top at red lights, ride on the right side of the road, come to a proper stop at stop signs, make safe lane changes.
  6. If possible, avoid commuter areas such as  Carling Avenue, Heron Road, Baseline Road, Albert St,  Bronson Avenue, Main Street, Scott Street, , Slater, Greenbank Rd, Woodroffe Ave, and Innes Road. These Ottawa roads are incredible busy and not as safe for cyclists.
  7. Always use designated bike paths and bike lanes. Ottawa has many designated areas for cyclists only..use them !
  8. Be aware of parked cars. Cyclists get hit by doors being opened all the time. Be on the look out for people sitting in their cars who may be exiting their vehicles.
  9. For downtown cyclists, use the Laurier Ave bike lane. It is the safest way to travel east to west through the downtown core.  Watch out for pedestrians as this is an area with high traffic volumes.
  10. Be very careful when cycling close to an OC Transpo bus. It is not safe to pass them.

original article can be found here:


As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I meet regularly with people who have been injured in a cycling accident. Most times these accidents could have been avoided. Its important to use your common sense.   Ottawa does have many designated bike paths, yet we still see a number of tragic cycling accidents each year in Ottawa. Please cycle safely. To all Ottawa drivers, please be aware of other vehicles on the road such as cyclists.  Cyclists, drivers and pedestrians need to share the road to ensure a safer Ottawa.


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