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Ottawa cycling accident Rockliffe Parkway and Aviation Parkway results in serious head injury, ankle injury and shoulder injury.

Ottawa Cycling Accident

An Ottawa cycling accident has occurred; however this Ottawa cycling accident was between 2 cyclists.  A 56-year-old cyclist suffered a serious head injury when his bicycle  hit another cyclist on the Rockliffe Parkway this afternoon. The second cyclist was stopped at the side of the road,  east of the Aviation Parkway when he was struck.

The impact was significant and the cyclist was thrown into the air upon impact. He was  rushed to an Ottawa hospital in serious, but thankfully stable condition. The other cyclist was treated for a serious ankle injury and shoulder injury and was also rushed to a Ottawa hospital in stable condition.  I hope both cyclists are able to recover from this accident.

Cyclists have many rights to compensation when it comes to insurance claims and medical coverage.  It is always best to consult with a personal injury Ottawa lawyer if you have been involved in a Ottawa cycling accident or a cycling accident in Ontario. Experienced lawyers can walk you through your rights and explain what compensation you may be entitled to , regardless of whether or not you have an insurance company.  Ontario’s no-fault insurance system is designed to protect individuals so that regardless of whether or not you were at fault or have your own insurance, you can be covered if you are injured.

Cyclists in particular are vulnerable in accidents.  Obviously, a cyclist is much less protected and usually the one that suffers the greatest injuries in an accident.  Unfortunately, a bicycle does not offer the same protection as a car or motor vehicle.  Most cycling accidents result in very serious, long-lasting injuries.  This is why it is critical that anyone involved in a cycling accident speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer, experienced in cycling accidents to ensure that any and all accident benefits are accessed.

Our personal injury lawyers are here for you after your cycling accident.



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