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Ottawa Injury Lawyer : Ottawa cycling accident Innes road and Belcourt sends male to Ottawa hospital with serious injuries.

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Yesterday we reported of an Ottawa cyclists being struck and sadly last night another Ottawa cyclist was struck close to Innes Road and Belcourt Boulevard at approximately 9:45 p.m. The male cyclist was rushed to an Ottawa hospital with serious personal injuries but thankfully Ottawa Police reported that the injuries were not life threatening. I wish him a full and hopefully not lengthy recovery.

I know that it’s summer and there are more bicycles on our Ottawa roads but I worry about the number of cycling accidents that occur each year in Ottawa. Statistics Canada reported that approximately 7,500 cyclists suffer serious personal injuries each year and that as many as 70,000 others are likely treated in hospital emergency rooms for cycling accidents and related personal injuries.

Cycling Accidents in Ottawa

We all need to do our part to reduce the number of Ottawa cycling accidents.  This means drivers need to slow down, look for cyclists and be aware that there are MANY cyclists out there on Ottawa roads and we all need to share the road.  Cyclists also need to be aware of how vulnerable they are on the roads, cycle accordingly and also follow the rules of the road.

Ottawa is a busy city with a great cycling culture. I encourage everyone who can to get out there on their bicycles as much as possible. We need to work together as drivers and cyclists to ensure a safer Ottawa for everyone. This goes for kids and adults alike. Reducing the number of Ottawa bicycle accidents is not an unrealistic goal; in fact I think it is an excellent goal for our city. We have put a lot of funding into making our bike paths and bike lanes safer for Ottawa cyclists and still, there needs to be more. Safe cycling and don’t forget to protect your head !

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