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Brain Injury and Head Injury in Ottawa Children

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Helemts on Kids Cycling Accident

Helmets on Kids help reduce injuries from cycling accidents

On the heals of our very exciting Olympic win last night in men’s hockey this timely article was published in the Ottawa Citizen.  I am a father of 3, and every time I go to a Ottawa outdoor rink with my kids and see someone without a helmet on, I am in disbelief !

The city of Ottawa is planning on  requiring children under  13 to wear helmets at Ottawa indoor skating rinks, but may stop short of a Ottawa bylaw making helmets mandatory for Ottawa children in all outdoor sports. The city of Ottawa already makes minors wear helmets when they participate in Ottawa city-run skating programs, or use the indoor skateboard park or the BMX park. The new policy will extend mandatory helmet use for children to all Ottawa public skating sessions.

Does wearing a helmet help reduce the chance of serious injury and cycling accidents ?

It seems very obvious to me not only as a personal injury lawyer but also as a father. Research studies show that proper helmet use can prevent head injury and brain injury in children. Earlier this winter, Ottawa emergency-room doctors at the Ottawa hospital treated more than 50 children with head injury and facial injury as a result of  skating and tobogganing Ottawa accidents. Approximately 1/2  of them suffered concussions while the other 1/2 had injuries ranging from cuts to broken jaws incurred as a result of face-plants on the ice. Of all the winter outdoor sports, ice skating accounts for the most Ottawa ER visits for head injury in children. Some believe that making a mandatory rule for helmet use creates barriers and limits those who may participate in Ottawa sporting activities.  What do you think?

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