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Ottawa Lawyer – report child brain injury.

Before you head out there this weekend to ski on Ottawa area slopes or visit Ottawa’s famous Winterlude, remember to pack your helmets and use extra caution. With many recent serious and fatal head injuries in the Ottawa area, we are reminded of the seriousness of a head injury….Be safe out there Ottawa !- David Hollingsworth, Ottawa personal injury lawyer

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer on CT scans

According to a new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, a new tool may help standardize the use of CT scans in children with a minor head injury and help reduce the number of scans performed. An astonishing number as high as 650,000 children with a minor head injury resulting in loss of consciousness, amnesia, disorientation and vomiting are seen each year in emergency departments in hospitals across North American. CT scans are important for diagnosing serious brain injury but they unfortunately they expose children to the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation and significantly add to health care costs. Use of CT for minor head injury in Canadian pediatric emergency departments has increased to 53% in 2005 from 15% in 1995.

A team of researchers from pediatric institutions across Canada have developed the CATCH rule (Canadian Assessment of Tomography for Childhood Injury) which will help physicians determine if a child with minor head trauma should receive a CT scan or not. The study involved 3866 children from the ages of 0 to 16 from 10 Canadian pediatric teaching institutions. The idea with the new “CATCH” rule will hopefully reduce the number of children who receive a CT scan. This will not only reduce unnecessarily exposing children to possible harmful effects, it will help alleviate the wait times for CT scans and health care costs.

My understanding is that the CATCH Rule, is made up of 7 basic findings from a child’s history and physical exam. From these findings, it is easier to standardize the need for CT and reduce the number of CT scans performed in children with minor head injury.

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