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Ottawa accident Rideau Canal sends one to Ottawa Hospital Trauma Centre with serious personal injuries.

Rideau Canal Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer Ottawa Ontario, David Hollingsworth

Yesterday, a man was brought to an Ottawa hospital , after he lost control of his vehicle yesterday morning. The accident occurred  on Colonel By Drive.  The man was driving on Colonel By Drive when he lost control of his car and ended up driving right into the Rideau Canal. The Ottawa accident occurred close to Heron Road Bridge and University Drive in the early morning hours. Thankfully the Rideau Canal had already been drained for winter and had little water in it. The driver was in his late 20s and was alone in the car at the time of the Ottawa accident. Ottawa rescue crews had a difficult time helping him escape and needed to extricate the driver and cut the man’s car open. Thankfully they were able to help bring the driver up from the bottom of the Canal; when he was then rushed to the Ottawa Hospital Trauma Centre in stable condition. He suffered serious personal injuries to his lower body and was treated for exposure to cold. RCMP do not believe that alcohol was involved  in the Ottawa accident.

Orthopaedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries or broken bone injuries can be devastating.  Orthopaedic Injuries can take on many form; however the most common include fractures, sprains and strains. In most cases, broken bones will heal; however in order for the broken bones to heal, proper medical treatments, rehabilitation and supports must be out in place.  Our personal injury lawyers in Ottawa can help refer to specialists, work with your rehabilitative team and most importantly secure your financial future by ensuring you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.  Unfortunately broken bones often cause pain down the road and this also needs to be compensated for.  Consult a personal injury lawyer with any questions you may have surrounding broken bones and personal injury . Call our injury lawyers and we will answer your questions and give you advice for free.


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