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Ottawa accident statistics: How safe are Ottawa roads?

Accidents in Ottawa Ontario

Personal Injury Lawyers Ottawa Ontario David Hollingsworth

The Ottawa Citizen recently published statistics that relate to Ottawa accidents. Did you know that between 2007 and 2011 in Ottawa, tailgating was the cause for 24 487 accidents, 6 872 personal injuries, and 8 deaths on Ottawa roads ?  There were also 41 accidents in school zones during that time period, resulting in 9 children being injured in school zones.

Let’s all be aware and do everything we can to make the next 5 years much safer in Ottawa. Please slow down, leave space, use hands free devices, focus on the road, and check your tires. Let’s keep our Ottawa roads safe and free of accidents !

The Ottawa Injury report is produced regularly and focusses on accidents, personal injury , insurance and safety. David Hollingsworth has been an Ontario personal injury lawyer since 1999, dedicated to helping Ontario accident victims with serious personal injuries such as head injury, wrongful deaths  and serious personal injuries.  Visit  www.ottawainjury.ca for more information.


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