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Ottawa accidents and black ice. Lawyer- avoiding personal injury.

The dangers of black ice

As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I have a large number of my car accident victims come to me and describe their Ottawa car accident or Ontario car accident. In the last month, there have been an incredible number of Ottawa car accidents due the ice conditions here in Ottawa and in Eastern Ontario. I want to remind everyone the dangers of icy roads and black ice while driving and hopefully avoid any further Ottawa accidents and Ontario accidents as well as reduce the number of Ottawa accidents and Ontario accidents resulting in personal injury. When Ontario roads are slick with ice, please be extra cautious to avoid car accidents and personal injury.  Unfortunately black ice is very difficult to see and can result in serious personal injury or  even death due to a car accident.”

What to do when you hit black ice

When people can’t see the ice, they think it’s not there…but IT CAN BE !!! “Most accident victims don’t notice the ice on the road until it is too late,” says Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. “You have to automatically assume that if there is a chill in the air, there will likely be ice, SO please… slow down and avoid a car accident.” I know a lot of this seems obvious and maybe even repetitive.  It never hurts to remind everyone to slow it down because goodness knows we are all always rushing around from one thing to the next…

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