April showers bring May Motorcycle Accident Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Accident Safety Awareness Month

As the weather gets warmer, more and more motorcycles will be on the road. Whether you are on two wheels or four, it’s everybody’s responsibility to drive safely and provide a safe environment for all road users.

Here are some quick tips to promote motorcycle accident safety:

• Look for motorcycles, especially when checking traffic at an intersection.
• Motorcycles are smaller than most cars and trucks so they may look farther away than they are. For that reason, it may also be difficult to judge a motorcycle’s speed. When checking traffic to turn at an intersection or into a driveway, always assume a motorcycle is closer than it looks.
• Motorcycles can be easily hidden in a car’s blind spots. Take an extra moment to thoroughly check traffic, whether you’re changing lanes or turning at intersections.
• Motorcyclists often slow down by downshifting so you may not always see a brake light. Always keep a safe distance away. At intersections, motorcyclists sometimes slow down without warning.
• Turn signals on a motorcycle usually are not self-canceling. Some riders may forget to turn them off after a turn or lane change.
• Motorcyclists often move within a lane to be seen more easily or to avoid road debris, passing vehicles and wind.
• While bikes are much easier to maneuver than a car or truck, don’t always expect that motorcyclists will be able to get out of the way in an emergency situation.
• When a motorcycle is in motion, don’t think of it as a motorcycle; think of it as a person.

Motorcycles are considered motor vehicles and follow the same rules as trucks and cars when it comes to accidents and insurance claims. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s important you get informed. 

Keep motorcycle riders safe on the road during motorcycle safety and all year around. Please share the road.

Compensation for motorcycle accident on highway 17

Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents can be serious and the injuries are often long lasting.

Motorcycle accidents can be serious and the injuries are often long lasting.

Accident Scenario:

Ottawa is surrounded by many highways and open roads.  As summer wraps up and fall is in full swing, the number of motorcycle drivers decreases. Our spring, summer and fall weather are amazing and allow for more vehicles on the road; in particular , motorcycles. The latest statistics from Statistics Canada show that in 2013 there were 198 motorcyclists fatalities and the percentage of fatalities and serious injuries by road user class was 10.3% fatalities and 11.6 % serious injuries. The Globe and Mail also reported that Motorcycle riders in Canada are at least 15 times more likely to be involved in a crash than automobile drivers. Are you surprised by this statistic ? Our Ottawa injury lawyer aren’t.

It goes without saying that most motorcycle accidents result in very serious injuries. Motorcyclists are a lot less protected when it comes to accidents. Sometimes, even at slower speeds, a motorcycle accident can result in very serious injuries. Our Ottawa injury lawyers often receive calls and requests for free consultations.  Often times it is tricky to determine who is at fault, what will insurance cover and what compensation motorcycle drivers are entitled to. One of our Ottawa injury lawyers recently settled a motorcycle accident case.

Injuries Resulting From Accident:

Our client “SH” was a 58 year old male from Brockville who loved to ride his motorcycle. Unfortunately one day, his ride was like none other.  He was on his motorcycle when suddenly the defendant driver turned left in front of him. The accident took place on Highway 17. As a result of the motorcycle accident, SH suffered a fractured femur and tibia requiring open reduction and internal fixation surgeries.

Compensation for Injury:

Our client was an arborist by trade. Unfortunately , the injuries resulting from the motorcycle accident left him unable to work . After mandatory mediation , our Ottawa injury lawyers were able to negotiate on our client’s behalf and reach a very favourable  settlement with the insurance company of the driver who had made the left turn in the amount of $265,000.00 on the tort side of his injury lawsuit. On the Ontario Accident Benefits side of the injury lawsuit, SH continues to receive medical benefits  and rehabilitation benefits from his insurer in addition to weekly income replacement benefits. Our Ottawa injury lawyers were happy to help SH get the compensation he needed, as well as make sure his future medical needs are being covered.

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Ottawa motorcycle accident lawyers discuss causes, laws and insurance claims.

Ottawa Motorcycle Accidents

What a day ! It’s absolutely gorgeous outside and as we head into the weekend we wanted to remind drivers to be on the lookout for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles. There will no doubt be many more people out on the roads with this nice weather.  Our Ottawa injury team hopes that the increased number of motorcycles on the roads doesn’t mean an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents.

Did you know that between 2008 and 2012 there were 776 motorcycle accidents in Ottawa areas ? these motorcycle accidents resulted in 517 serious injuries and 13 deaths.

What are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Ottawa ?

A motorcycle accident can be caused by anyone. The most common motorcycle accidents we see typically caused by vehicles making a left hand into an oncoming motorcycle, vehicles changing lanes and not leaving enough room for a motorcycle to get by, other drivers failing to see motorcycles; and drivers and motorcycles not having enough time and distance to break safely.

Unfortunately, when it comes to motorcycle accidents, motorcycles don’t offer the same type of protection that a car or truck offers.  In most cases, when a motorcycle and a car collide, the motorcycle driver sustains the most serious injuries. Most motorcycle accidents results in orthopaedic injuries, fractures, severe scrapes and scars, amputation injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and often times result in death.

Ottawa motorcycle accident lawyer

In Ontario, a motorcycle is considered to be a motor vehicle and therefore follows the same rules under the Highway Traffic Act, as well as The Insurance Bureau of Canada. What this means is that if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, it follows exactly the same rules as a car accident.  Depending on the extent of the accident, it must be reported to police and depending on the extent of the injuries sustained in the motorcycle accident, an insurance claim can be made and accident benefits can be accessed.

Accident Benefits for Motorcycle Accidents

Anyone seriously injured in a motorcycle accident can apply for accident benefits through their own insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver involved in the accident.  In the rare situation where there is no insurance for either driver an application can be made to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. Typical accident benefits for motorcycle accidents include: income replacement benefits, caregiver benefits, housekeeping benefits, medical and rehabilitation benefits, and death benefits.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident it’s best you consult with a personal injury lawyer experienced in motorcycle accidents.  Most lawyers offer free consultations and can sit down with you at your home or hospital and walk you through what options you have after a motorcycle accident. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers are highly experienced in maximizing motorcycle accident insurance claims. Let our experience and hard work ethic work for you. You have been through enough.

Call a personal injury lawyer Ottawa residents know and trust, call us for a free consultation.

Ottawa Police supporting motorcycle accident safety, aiming to reduce Ottawa accidents.

Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth.  With the nice weather here, more and more motorcycles will be out on the roads and highway. We hope that all drivers are extra cautious and watching out for motorcycles that may be in your blind spot . Obviously motorcycles are much smaller than cars or trucks and are often more difficult to see.

Ottawa Police along with  Safer Roads Ottawa and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation are working at reducing Ottawa motorcycle accidents by introducing their  “Keep an Eye Out for Motorcycles” campaign. The main messages of the campaign is for motorists to share the roads and watch out for one another. Ottawa has also announced that  May will be  “Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Month” .

As a Ottawa personal injury lawyer I meet regularly with people who have been in a motorcycle accident and have become severely injured. The reality is that motorcycle drivers have much less protection and often the injuries are devastating.  Both motorists and motorcyclist need to share the road and be aware of one another.

Here are a few tips for drivers when it comes to motorcycles:

  • Motorcycles require full lane and are no different than  other vehicles.
  • Share the road
  • Follow at least 2 seconds or 2 chevrons behind the vehicle in front of you.
  • Most motorcycle accidents happen between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., so be extra vigilant during these times.
  • Over 1/3 of motorcycle accident happen at intersections. Be extra vigilant.
  • Slow down at intersections.
  • Avoid tailgating as this can be more dangerous to  motorcyclists with less protection.
  • Give motorcyclists enough room to change lanes. Although they are smaller, they still need room.
  • Check  mirrors often so you know where other vehicles are.

We can all put a little more effort into keeping our Ottawa roads a little safer. Motorcyclists and drivers have their role to play. Let’s play together and keep our Ottawa roads safe.

How to prevent motorcycle accidents..Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer…www.ottawainjury.ca  It’s that time of year again when we will start seeing more and more motorcycles on our Ontario roads. Motorcycle drivers are much less protected on their vehicles and therefore need to take all safety steps possible to prevent accidents and personal injury. As well, all drivers need to be aware that we share our Ontario roads with motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles. 

Thankfully Transport Canada has reported that the rate of deaths related to motor vehicle is slowly declining; however, the rate of motorcycle fatalities is on the rise. There are many possible reasons why this may be so.  There may be more motorcycles on the roads. Motorcycle riders between the ages of 45 to 54 are the most common ages amongst motorcycle drivers.

Ontario motorcycle helmet use has improved. Unfortunately3.1 % of motorcycle riders still drive their motorcycles without one. Head injuries are still the leading cause of deaths involving motorcycle accidents and motorcycle drivers without a helmet are 40% more likely to suffer a fatal head injury, and also 15% more likely to suffer serious personal injuries. A study that was previously done indicated that helmets saved 1,800 lives of motorcycle riders involved in accidents in 2007.

Please drive and ride safely  …

—-The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog is written regularly by Ottawa Ontario personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. The Ottawa Injury Lawyer Blog reports on accidents in eastern Ontario, personal injury issues, local Ottawa news and events and various news that relates to Ottawa, accidents and personal injury. Visit  www.ottawainjury.ca for more information.

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Ottawa Ontario Motorcycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Rain in Ottawa – Safe Driving Tips for Rain to avoid Ottawa car accident , Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Avoiding an Ottawa Car Accident

Although rain can be good for the grass and the tulips, it can be problematic on our roads and increase the risk of an Ottawa car accident. We can expect a lot of rain this week in Ottawa. We are so use to driving defensively in winter conditions but it is important to keep in mind that rain and wet roads  can also be dangerous and  it never hurts to be reminded….

  • Drive  slowly ! Drive at rate of speed that suits the weather conditions;
  • Pay careful attention to the car ahead of you and your surroundings;
  • Keep a wider following distance; some drivers forget to signal at times causing an abrupt stop for the cars behind;accidentsinrain
  • Try to avoid slamming on your brakes, this may cause your vehicle to skid and the roads are slick;
  • Visibility is already a problem, ensure your windows are properly defogged so you don’t add to this problem;
  • Ensure your windshield wipers are in working order and do not leave streaks; and
  • If it is dark ensure you are not over driving your headlights.

Ottawa Car Accident Accident Benefits

An Ottawa car accident can occur frequently on rainy days because road conditions. Please drive safely out there Ottawa and avoid the chance of  an Ottawa car accident. Regardless of who is at fault in an accident in Ontario, most injured are entitled to accident benefits. Accident benefits are benefits that you pay for each month through your own insurance company. Depending on the nature of the Ottawa car accident you’ve been involved in, you may receive accident benefits from your own insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver.  There are a number of different accident benefits available to people such are rehabilitation benefits, housekeeping benefits, income replacement benefits , attendant care benefits and many others, depending on the nature and severity of your injuries and coverage. Often times, people think if they were at fault or charged in the accident, they are automatically not entitled to accident benefits and this is simply not the case.


Ottawa Cycling Safety, Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa bicycle accident lawyer David Hollingsworth on bicycle safety.bicycle accident lawyer

The weather is still okay and many are out and about with their bicycles on our roads here in Ottawa.  Sadly, Ottawa cycling accidents continue to occur and people are injured everyday day in our communities. There has been talk for years regarding the implementation of a “safe cycling educational” campaign or program here in Ottawa, but I think that we need to make progress more quickly. Consider the tragedies:

Ottawa Bicycle Accident

Just consider the serious injuries and deaths in the last little while here in Ottawa. This month, a 71-year-old cyclist fought for his life in hospital secondary to a collision with an automobile on Hawthorne Road. Alex Hayes, another tragic story, an innocent high school student,  killed by a vehicle while riding his bicycle. . Another tragedy involved a 48-year-old cyclist, killed due to head and neck injuries on Somerset St at night. John Barton, 53, another cyclist killed recently while on the road. And finally, 16-year-old Robin Freeman killed while cyclist after contact with a motorcycle (both motorcyclist and Freeman were killed).

Bicycle  safety

There are steps you can take to protect you and your loved ones from injury and death while bicycling. Overall, if you decide to cycle, make it a lifestyle decision. This means opening your mind to the requirements of bicycle culture and bicycle safety. Avoiding collisions with vehicles is never a guarantee, but you can take certain steps to reduce your chance of injury. For example, using a bicycle or helmet headlight, wearing protective and reflective clothing, and enhancing your bicycle can make you more visible. Buying a horn can give you the attention you need when you need it. Slow down and paying attention to your surroundings is key. Choosing wide, slower streets, and on weekends, back streets because they can be safer on Saturday and Sundays, for example, because of the increase in drunk vehicle traffic on main streets. You can’t control other people’s driving but please do everything you can to protect yourself.  Thanks for reading everyone, and please ride safely!


Ontario motorcycle accidents : Compensation and your rights, Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Ontario motorcycle accident lawyer David Hollingsworth, Ottawa bike accident lawyer David Hollingsworth…I came across this information on a related website and found it very valuable. I have changed some of the information to make it relevant to Ontario accident victims. Did you know that one of the most common causes of motorcycle and bike accidents is when a car turns left in front of a motorcycle. Did you know that turning left is one of the most common types of car accidents for motorcyclists, often resulting in serious personal injury. As an experienced Ottawa Ontario personal injury attorney, I have seen similar Ontario motorcycle accidents resulting in serious personal injury for the motorcycle rider occur repeatedly. Often times the driver of the car does not see the motorcyclist.  Motorcyclists simply do not have the same protection and therefore are ususally the ones with the more serious personal injury after the accident.  Hiring the best Ontario accident injury lawyer  after any motorcycle crash or accident resulting in serious personal injury is crucial. The best Ontario personal injury lawyers, are experienced in Ontario motorcycle accident law and know how best to represent you with your insurance compnay to get you maximum compensation after your motorcycle accident.  The best Ontario personal injury lawyers can not only get you financial compensation, they can help get you housekeeping, caregiving, medical expenses, lost time at work, out of  pocket expenses and many other accident benefits you may be entitled to.

An experienced Ottawa Ontario motorcycle accident attorney can help explain your rights and give you a free consultations to help you get started with your Ontario insurance claim. In any motorcycle accident lawsuit or insurance claim, it is extremely important to document these cases properly, ensuring that evidence is gathered efficiently and completely. Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth and his personal injury team can help with accidents and personal injuries throughout Ontario and if needed will travel to you.



Ottawa, Ontario motorcycle accident lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer, Ontario Motorcycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Summer is here and we are starting to see a high number of Ottawa motorcycle accidents and accidents throughout Eastern Ontario in areas such as the highway 401, Alexandria, Arnprior, Belleville, Brockville, Clarence Creek, Cornwall, Embrun, Gananogue, Hawkesbury, Kemptville, Kingston L’Orignal, Morrisburg, Napanee, North Gower, Pembroke, Perth, Peterborough, Picton, Prescott, Renfrew, Richmond, Russell, Smith Falls, and Tweed and all cities, communities, districts, municipalities, regions, towns, townships and villages in between !broken bones

A motorcycle is considered to be a motor vehicle so it is important that motorcycle drivers have a valid licence to operate the motorcycle. In the unfortunate event of a catastrophic head injury or spinal injury, your insurance company may limit your accident benefits to improper licensing.  In Ontario, a motorcycle is defined as a motor vehicle, and requires a special licence that confers on its owner the legal authorization to operate the vehicle. Otherwise, they might risk a loss of certain accident benefits in the event of a serious Ontario accident or a catastrophic motorcycle accident.

The Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), explains that the  insurance company has the right to and may exclude certain benefits such  income-replacement benefits from coverage if the driver was driving the automobile without a valid driver’s licence.

Motorcycle accidents can cause extremely serious personal injury, including:

If you are hitting the Ontario roads on your motorcycle, please make sure you not only drive safely, protect yourself with equipment and make sure you are properly licensed in the event of an accident. As an Ottawa and Ontario motorcycle accident lawyer, I caution all drivers to be safe out there.  I have years of experience in Ontario motorcycle accidents and Ottawa motorcycle accidents.  I  understand your needs and can help with your personal injury claim and other motorcycle related issues. Call for a free consultation 613 978-9549 or visit www.ottawainjury.ca


Common Injuries from Motorcycle accidents – Ottawa Accident Lawyers

Ottawa Accident Lawyer, Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth-

The weather in Ottawa is expected to hit somewhere in the high 20s this long weekend.  With the warm weather, many motorcycle enthusiasts will likely be hauling their motorcycle out of storage and hitting Ottawa roads.  A motorcyclist is not as protected as those who drive cars and most accidents result in quite severe personal injury.  As a Ontario personal injury lawyer in Ottawa, David Hollingsworth has helped many Ontario motorcycle accident victims get maximum compensation for the most common personal injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Common Personal Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Top Ottawa Personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth has dealt with a range of common injuries secondary to motorcycle accidents, which can include a personal injury-fracture, spinal cord injury, brain damage and concussion, nerve damage, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering. Basically, these accidents all have a common theme: you have been hurt and are entitled to maximum compensation for your personal injury.


are a common personal injury secondary to motorcycle accidents, which often throw victims from the motorcycle and can produce fractures and lacerations if bones break through the surface of the skin. This can also result in damage to tendons, joints and nerves.

Spinal cord injury

are another very serious and common injury secondary to motorcycle accidents. They can occur if the vertebrae (or protected spinal cord that transmits nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body) suffers any injury. Severity depends on how much and what region of the spinal cord is damaged. Victims can become paralyzed from the neck down, or may lose some function in their legs, or any combination.

Brain damage and concussions

can result from motorcycle accidents. Head trauma is common, causing a concussion or a traumatic brain injury that can dramatically reduce the victim’s overall quality of life and his or her ability to live independently. Often serious injuries can result in combinations of brain damage and concussion and spinal cord injury or some other serious issue – further aggravating your rehabilitation process and increasing the need to see a lawyer expert in your area of injury.

Nerve damage

can occur when a motorcyclist lands on his or her arm, leg, or some other high nerve ending location of your body during an accident. The force of the impact can result in nerve damage and the loss of some or all function in the affected limb. Amputations may be required in any of the injuries depending on severity. There are methods of procuring compensation for such injuries.

Personal Injury-Disfigurement

Facial disfigurement can occur when drivers are not wearing protective face equipment.  Trauma to the face can result in intense pain, and the driver with the disfigurement may go through painful and expensive plastic surgery or have scars from the motorcycle accident for  life.

Emotional trauma such as pain and suffering

is another devastating and common injury that can result from a motorcycle accident. Often, a physical injury has healed but the emotional scars still remain. These are what is known as emotional trauma or “pain and suffering” due to your accident. PTSD or “post traumatic stress disorder” is one among many forms of emotional trauma that can result from your injury.

As a Ontario motorcycle driver you do everything you can to prevent motorcycle accidents knowing that it can be dangerous. Even if you take every precaution, you may still end up with a personal injury from a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own. You may need compensation for medical needs, attendant care, housekeeping, and many other areas. David Hollingsworth is here to help.

If you are injured in a Ontario motorcycle accident you may need the help a highly skilled Ottawa, Ontario personal injury lawyer to help you maximize your insurance claim. Contact David Hollingsworth, Ottawa , Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer  for a free consultation.  Visit www.ottawainjury.ca or call 613 978-9549