Increase in City of Ottawa lawsuits and OC Transpo bus accident lawsuits.

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Suing the City of Ottawa ?  CBC news reported that the City of Ottawa paid out more than $1.4 million in the last three months of last year for  lawsuits related to accidents between motor vehicles and  OC Transpo.  None of these lawsuits include injury lawsuits or wrongful death lawsuits from last fall’s terrible accident between an OC Transpo bus and VIA Rail.

Most of the claims against the City of Ottawa are personal injury lawsuits and in most cases could have been avoided and consequently  OC Transpo  is looking at ways to improve and deliver a safer ride to almost 400 000 passenger trips daily.

In 2013, there was a total of 57 personal injury claims filed against the City of Ottawa  involving motor vehicle collisions and these personal injury claims totalled $5,013,823.45 . It was reported in CBC news that this amount is double the amount from last year.  It was also reported that there are more than 300 outstanding personal injury lawsuits.

Our personal injury lawyers are contacted regularly and asked to advise on legal rights and timelines when it comes to suing the City of Ottawa.  I have provided links to some relevant posts that answer most of these questions.

Slip and Fall Accident on City of Ottawa property:

OC Transpo Bus Accidents

The City of Ottawa has certain timelines that must be adhered to when filing a lawsuit against the City of Ottawa.  It’s important that you know what is required of you in a timely manner.  If you are unsure visit our website at or call us for a free consultation at (613) 978-9549 and we can answer any questions you may have.


Ottawa Police looking for information on OC Transpo bus accident at Bayshore Shopping Centre.

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It’s that time of year , when the malls are busy and many people are preoccupied with getting ready for the holidays.  It’s also a time of year when many accidents occur. Drivers and pedestrians are distracted with other things and unfortunately this can lead to accidents.  It is still unknown what caused the accident but last week an OC Transpo bus accident  at Bayshore Shopping Centre resulted in the death of  a 74-year-old woman. She had been crossing a cross-walk last Tuesday when the OC Transpo bus hit her.  Sadly she was rushed to an Ottawa hospital but did not make it and was pronounced dead on Thursday.

Police say they don’t yet know all of the circumstances of the incident and they’re looking for more information before they can find blame in the collision and they’re asking any witnesses to come forward. Bayshore Shopping Centre is currently under construction. There are certain areas under construction that have a lot of traffic and this, sadly was one of the areas where this fatal accident occurred.

If you have any information that could help Ottawa Police determine exactly what happened, please contact them at (613) 236-1222. My thoughts go out to this woman’s family and friends, as well as others involved in the accident.  I also urge everyone to be extra cautious at this very busy time of year. Whether you are in a car, on a bus, or walking, please be careful.  Have a safe day !


Ottawa injury lawyers: Know your legal rights after an OC Transpo bus accident.

Ottawa OC Transpo Accident – Ottawa  Injury Lawyers.

The tragic OC Transpo / Via Rail accident on September 18, 2013 has left our city in mourning.  An accident of this nature can leave  emotional scars such as trouble sleeping, difficulty focusing and a constant reminder of what one has  witnessed. These emotional difficulties can have a direct impact on day-to-day activities. Some may  experience a variety of psychological and emotional effects, and experience feelings that they may be  described as depression and anxiety and this may affect  relationships with others. The OC Transpo accident was a very traumatic event and many involved will likely require some degree of psychological support.  People may wonder…is there insurance coverage for these types of injuries? In many cases,  accident benefits may be available to bus passengers for psychological treatments.

Our Ottawa injury lawyers  understand  the emotional upheaval caused by a devastating accident.  There are most likely many , many people suffering similar injuries, some worse and others less .  We can’t diagnose your injuries but we can help getting  the proper supports put in place.  In most cases, if injured, individual insurance companies  or OC Transpo’s insurance company will cover these expenses so there is less financial strain.   Any riders who  don’t  have their  own insurance policy but live with a family member who does may be covered under their policy. If you were involved in the OC Transpo bus accident, you need to know that you are not alone and these feelings you may be experiencing are normal. There is support for you. You need the proper information .

If  emotionally or physically  you are  unable to return to work, we can also help you look into what is available to you. Our Ottawa injury lawyers may be able to help you access certain accident benefits to support you and get you back to work as soon as possible.  In most cases, your own car insurance may pay for any non-OHIP medical or rehabilitation expenses.  Your own  insurance may also pay you an income replacement benefit up to a specified maximum if you can’t work for more than 7 days after the accident.  We are sorry that this terrible OC Transpo accident ever happened but we are thankful we can help people who really need help and support both financially and emotionally. Our Ottawa injury lawyers work hard at helping people rebuild their lives.

Our Ottawa injury lawyers are here for you to answer any questions you may have regarding your rights and possible compensation after the OC Transpo accident. We offer free consultations and will travel to you to meet with you.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers believe that the most important thing we can do is make sure you are receiving all the support and compensation you need in the hope of returning you to as best possible quality of life following an accident.  Contact any of our  Ottawa personal injury lawyers by phone or email and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have and hopefully offer you help in rebuilding your life.

For more information relating to the OC Transpo bus accident and injury compensation in Ontario, please visit our website at .

Ottawa OC Transpo accident, lawyers advice and support for accident victims.

Ottawa OC Transpo Accident:

There are many people with questions and concerns about the terrible OC Transpo and VIA Rail accident yesterday. Why ? How ? What’s next ? The entire Ottawa community is grieving the loss of 6 people and more than 30 severely injured. We don’t know why or how this could have happened. There will be a thorough investigation and it wall all come out.  Many have theories but the truth is we don’t know and there is no point speculating. For now all we know to do is take care of ourselves,  each other and our community.  Ottawa is an amazing city for coming together.  Over the last 24 hours our city has suffered and now we come together to support those directly  impacted by this terrible tragedy. They will need our help and our community will be there for them.

People involved in the OC Transpo VIA Rail accident need to know that they have support.  They have support not only from friends, family, colleagues and strangers, they may also be supported through insurance coverage and accident benefits for expenses that are not covered by OHIP such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, counselling etc…  It’s best that anyone directly involved in the accident and who is injured physically or emotionally notify their own car insurance carrier and request an accident benefits package.  Your accident benefits may also cover any income replacement benefits in the event you are not able to return to work due to your injuries. There are certain conditions that apply before receiving this benefit but it may indeed be a benefit for which you may apply.  If you are unsure of whether or not you are entitled to these benefits, give us a call and we can walk you through what you need to do to make sure you are informed.  If you would like, we can also provide you with the appropriate forms and help you fill out the accident benefits package, free of charge.

If you do not have your own insurance, don’t worry you may still be covered.

Many people involved in today’s tragic accident may not have suffered physical injuries or suffered minor injuries but will suffer emotionally from everything they have seen and been through.  This is normal. A traumatic event can have life-long lasting effects if not treated properly. Emotional and psychological trauma typically results from stressful events that alter a sense of security. Yesterday’s traumatic accident  threatened lives and safety and therefore may have lasting impact on one’s emotional well being. Everyone’s experience with yesterday’s OC Transpo accident will be different and some will be more traumatized than others. Many people  may require some degree of  psychological counselling.   Feelings and emotions resulting from traumatic events can  last from a few days,  few months or even years and may gradually taper off as you process the trauma. Sometimes painful memories or emotions may be triggered from certain events or images reminds you of the traumatic experience. This is normal and we can help you with resources to help you cope with these emotions. Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers work closely with many highly trained professionals here in Ottawa who can help you work through these traumatic events and help you move forward. If you do not have a doctor, we can help you make the necessary arrangements for you to meet with highly skilled professionals.

Many people who are involved in an accident will suffer for days  or even weeks with their pain and aches before they seek medical assistance.  This is a critical mistake.  As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I would highly suggest that you don’t do this.  As soon as possible it is important for you to seek medical help.  This will not only help you diagnose the extent of your injuries, it can also help down the road should complications arise from your injuries. Don’t try to nurse yourself back to health, get examined by a physician and let them decide the extent of your injuries. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

There are a few things you need to know regarding timelines. For example,  if you may down the road be suing the City of Ottawa or OC Transpo, it is important that you put the City on notice within 120 days of the accident.  You may decide to later withdraw your claim and that is fine.  Hopefully you are fine and healing but in the event you are not, you will need proper support, medical treatments and compensation. There are also other important timelines that you should be aware of .  We can walk you through this.

The OC Transpo Via Rail accident is one of the most horrific accidents Ottawa has seen in years.  Our community will be mourning the loss of lives and the devastating effects this accident has had on so many. There are 6 families mourning the loss of loved ones.  Our condolences go out to all of them at this very difficult time.  We all know that this could happen to anyone. What a sad and tragic accident.  If you or a family member was involved in this terrible OC Transpo Via Rail accident , we are sorry and we are here for you. You probably have many questions and we can answer them for you.

Is it too soon to consider making a claim ? Subsection 32(1) of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule which is part of the Insurance Act for Ontario states as follows:

“Notice to insurer and application for benefits

32. (1) A person who intends to apply for one or more benefits described in this Regulation shall notify the insurer of his or her intention no later than the seventh day after the circumstances arose that give rise to the entitlement to the benefit, or as soon as practicable after that day. O. Reg. 34/10, s. 32 (1).”

In other words, you are required to notify either your own auto insurer, or the insurer of the vehicle you were travelling in, of your need for medical and rehabilitation benefits – such as counselling, physiotherapy etc., within 7 days of the accident.  Failing to do so may flip the onus onto you to provide an explanation as to why you did not meet this timeline.  This is just one of the many timelines that our insurance laws require us to meet.

The insurance company is also required to pay reasonable visitors expenses for a family member to be by the side of a loved one who has been injured in an accident. Knowing that this expense is covered can be the deciding factor as to whether or not a family member can make the trip.

We understand, we care and we’re here to help. For more information on Ontario accident benefits visit our website