Slip and Fall Accidents and Compensation for Knee Fracture

Compensation for Knee Fracture 

slip and fall accident

Our injury lawyers help people with their slip and fall accident insurance claims.

Unfortunately slip and fall accidents happen all the time and the resulting injuries can be very serious. Often times, people who slip and fall are embarrassed and want to leave the premise as quickly as possible and think that their injuries aren’t very serious.  Then, typically , several hours later, the adrenaline wears off and the pain sets in.

Accident Scenario:

Our client was a  37-year-old woman from Ottawa, Ontario. One day she was walking on public property and slipped and fell fracturing her right knee. As time when on, she realised she had fractured her right knee and that her injuries were quite painful and not healing as quickly as she had hoped.

Injuries Resulting From Accident: 

Our client suffered very serious personal injuries and our injury lawyers knew right away that she would need maximum compensation.  These are injuries that are not to be taken lightly and required a serious plan to be put in place and that plan required maximum compensation.  Many slip and fall accidents result in bone fractures and often cause very debilitating injuries.

Compensation For Knee Fracture:

After tough negotiations, our injury lawyers were able to get the insurance company to settle at mandatory mediation session. This meant that the personal injury lawsuit did not have to go to court and was able to be settled relatively quickly. Our client received $ 140,000 from the tort action. While this $140,000 will never erase the damage that has been done to our client, it can help adjust to a new life with rehabilitation, benefits, compensation and supports in place.

Our  Injury Ottawa Lawyers Can Help You:

Our Ottawa injury lawyer team understands that a bone fracture is a very serious injury.  The pain resulting from a bone fracture can be extreme and affect one’s ability to carry out every day activities and return to employment right away. Since 1999, we have been working with people who have been injured in Ontario . It’s our job to ensure that our clients are receive all the benefits, compensation and supports they need.  Our lawyers work closely with our clients’ families helping people get through their accidents,  finding and establishing good rehabilitative care and ensure that financially they are compensated for their injuries. For more information that relates to compensation for broken or fractured bones, visit