What to do if you have been injured in an Ottawa pedestrian accident and don’t have insurance.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

We recently helped a woman who was crossing the street and was hit by a car. She was badly  injured and told that the accident was her fault because she was not crossing at a cross walk.  Our client did not own a car and therefore had no insurance.  She had no idea that there were accident benefits available to her and she didn’t know where to start.

What she needed was a free legal opinion.

What all pedestrians need to know is that if you are injured you may be entitled to compensation through Ontario accident benefits and/or through a tort claim. The compensation to which you are entitled will depend on if you have insurance, if the driver has insurance, the extent of your injuries and other determining factors. Each case is unique. An experienced personal injury lawyer can offer you advise and help you map out a course of action. You may decide not to file a lawsuit or may decide to file a tort claim.  A tort claim is when a lawsuit is filed against the person responsible for the accident.  What this means is that a claim is made against the driver’s insurance company and the driver themselves.  My client was very reluctant to sue someone personally. This is a common feeling.  Many people feel this way and don’t want to sue someone.  We understand this concern but explain to our clients that when a tort claim is made , it is not the individual that would pay out the compensation but rather their insurance company.

If you are at fault and do not have insurance of your own, you may still be entitled to compensation.  A  claim can be filed at the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims (MVAC) Fund. This is a fund specifically designed for situations where someone is injured, requires compensation but there is no insurance company to sue.

All this to say, our client needed support and compensation.  We were able to help get our client the medical, rehabilitative and financial support she needed to start rebuilding her life after her accident.  Here is what she had to say…

“Thank you David.  You guys have been amazing.  I’m so thankful that you believed in my case and helped me; especially given the fact that I thought we had no options. We are going to start the summer with a new attitude on life and a lot of that has to do with what you guys have done for us. Thanks again.”

It is tough to know what rights you have as a pedestrian when it comes to insurance and insurance compensation. If you have been injured as a pedestrian, it’s always best to consult with an expereinced personal injury lawyer to know about your rights. Most Ottawa personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and can sit down with you, review the facts surrounding your accident and help you determine the best way to proceed to ensure you are well taken care of. It never hurts to hear your options.


Ottawa injury lawyer David Hollingsworth shares safety tips to avoid pedestrian accidents.

Ottawa Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Although it doesn’t look or feel like it, spring is officially here.  With the warm weather coming , more Ottawa pedestrians will be taking to the streets. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe.

To avoid a pedestrian accident, you should…

  • always cross at crossways or traffic lights
  • be alert
  • ensure drivers see you before you cross any road;
  • only cross a road when traffic has stopped;
  • be cautious when crossing and do so promptly. Don’t waste time and make sure you get completely across before the light changes.
  • do not wear headphones to listen to music. You need to hear the sounds around you.
  • be aware of cars that may be turning and may not be able to see you;
  • as much as possible, wear bright clothing or reflective wear and make yourself as visible as possible.  Most of all, use common sense.

Accident benefits for pedestrian accidents

Did you know that pedestrians are entitled to accident benefits is they become injured as the result of a motor vehicle accident? A personal injury insurance claim is mad through the drivers insurance company and things like income replacement benefits, rehabilitation expenses, attendant care, hospital expenses, loss of education expenses, housekeeping, expenses of visitors etc.. can be covered

There are far too many Ottawa pedestrian accidents each year and sadly, most of them could be avoided.  Both motorists and pedestrians need to ensure that they are doing everything they can to keep Ottawa roads safe and accident free. David Hollingsworth and his personal injury team are top Ottawa personal injury lawyers  who dedicate themselves to ensuring that Ontario pedestrians get all the help, support and maximum compensation after an Ontario accident.

Feel free to contact our Ottawa injury law firm with any questions you may have and we would be happy to help.