Ontario Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth wins groundbreaking catastrophic injury accident benefits case at FSCO.

Dirt bike accident results in spinal cord injury


A young man was seriously injured in a dirt bike accident.  He  was in his early 20s  when he suffered a serious spinal cord injury and became a paraplegic when he fell off his dirt bike while riding on a private track.  He had no insurance and thought he had no hope of getting any medical or rehabilitation benefits.

No insurance? Ontario Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund

Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers reviewed his case and we applied for accident benefits from the Ontario Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund, a fund to provide benefits for individuals injured in automobile accidents, but who have no insurance.  To access this fund, strict criteria must be met. The fund sets out to provide statutory accident benefits to people involved in an automobile accident, who have no recourse to automobile insurance. We believed this was the case for our client.  We applied for compensation for our client. We knew he needed a tremendous amount of support and applied for the maximum in compensation. The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund denied the accident claim and hired lawyers to fight it.   Our Ottawa injury lawyers knew that this was our clients only chance at being able to secure funds for a long road ahead. We knew we had to fight for what was right.  Our Ottawa lawyers knew there would be a tough road ahead and that likely this case would end up being contested along the way. We persevered and took the case all the way to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario  last July and  last week the Arbitrator found in favour of granting maximum compensation and accident benefits for our client.   To learn more about the Ontario Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund visit www.ottawainjury.ca/uninsured-drivers/

We are so pleased that our client  now has access to medical rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits.  This will make a colossal difference in this young man’s life. We are so happy to have been able to help our client and his family…


Consequences of a brain injury, Ottawa Catastrophic Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Ontario Brain Injury Lawyer,

Ottawa Catastrophic Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth-

Living with a brain injury can have a multitude of complex and potentially lifelong consequences for accident victims and their families. Especially in cases of closed-head trauma, physical and psychological testing is usually required, and it typically  can take months until the extent of the cognitive brain  or head injury is realised and understood to its full extent.

When an accident victim  suffers a brain injury or a head injury, the impact may affect the following:

• Memory and cognitive ability

• Vision, hearing, and speech

• Balance and motor skills

• Personality and behavior

Helping people through catastrophic injuries, one day at a time…

As a result of his experiences with other accident victims who have suffered a serious brain injury, when Ottawa Catastrophic Injury lawyer David Hollingsworth meets with his clients , he has a compassionate understanding and knowledge that  a brain injury affects every detail of their lives and that no two cases are the same. Receiving a proper diagnosis and projections of both the immediate and long-term costs are extremely important.  David believes it is his goal and responsibility to ensure that the care and maximum financial compensation  necessary is readily available to all his clients for the difficult years to come.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury or a loved one is suffering due to a serious personal injury as the result of an eastern Ontario accident, you may need an experienced Ontario catastrophic injury lawyer. Your life and the life of a loved one has changed and will be changed forever. It’s our job to help you rebuild that life and get you all the support, help and compensation you need.

Our injury lawyers understand that you may not be ready to commence a lawsuit. You may be at a stage where you need more time and more information. We get that and that’s what we are here for.

David Hollingsworth selected -Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 Award -OBJ –

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer- David Hollingsworth -Ottawa Accident Lawyer . I am excited to share with you that I have been chosen by the OBJ for the 2010 Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 Award. Congratulations  and I look forward to meeting the other recipients and thank everyone for nominating me and supporting me in what I do each day as a Ontario personal injury lawyer.        forty_under_40

Top 40 under forty Ottawa lawyer

“As always, it was a fascinating and arduous process to arrive at this year’s recipients,” says OBJ publisher Michael Curran, who chairs the judging panel. “In spite of a challenging business environment, we believe this year was a record number of nominations that represent all major economic sectors in Ottawa. I think that speaks the quality of business talent in this city.” Mr. Curran says the assessment of nominations is taken seriously by all judges, who together spent 100 hours individually reviewing and ranking each submission. The committee included University of Ottawa Telfer EMBA director Dr. Terrence Kulka, OCRI Entrepreneurship Centre manager Michael Burnatowski, Cellwand Communications CEO Nick Quain, OBJ editor Jim Donnelly and Mr. Curran. “While both the quantity and quality of applicants were higher than ever this year, it was also interesting to note the growing number of younger entrepreneurs whom are clearly knocking on the door for this award. A great sign for the future of the Ottawa business community, to be sure,” said Mr. Quain.

OBJ- Ottawa Business Journal

There are so many wonderful businesses in Ottawa and we are fortunate to be living in a community with such talent. I’m honoured to be amongst this group of recipients.  All nominations are assessed under a strict criteria of  a 40-point system: 20 points are awarded for business achievement, 10 points are awarded for expertise and finally 10 points are awarded one’s for community involvement. The 2010 Forty Under 40 recipients are: Mike Abbott, Deloitte, Nazim Ahmed, DNA11/CanvasPop, Scott Annan, Mercury Grove Inc., Georges Ata, Intelcan Technosystems Inc. Jamie Barnhardt, OCM Manufacturing, Jeff Bauder, Bauder Media Group Inc. (Flagstick Brands), Greg Bell, Lumenera, Heidi Bonnell, Rogers Communications Inc. Nicki Bridgland, Ottawa/Kingston/Halifax/Moncton Sport and Social Club, Shawn Cadeau, Corel Corp., Julie Cafley, University of Ottawa Marisia Campbell, QNX Software Systems Co., Michael Crockatt, Ottawa International Airport Authority, Erin Crowe, Senators Sports & Entertainment Craig Doornbos, OttawaKiosk.com, Steven R. Edgett, EMS Technologies Canada, Ltd., Darren Fleming, CresaPartners, Samer Forzley, eBillme Duane Francis, Adam Capital – Manulife Securities, Geoffrey Gilbert, Ogilvy Renault LLP, David Greenall, Deloitte & Touche LLP David Hollingsworth, Goldberg Wiseman Stroud Hollingsworth, Rob Imbeault, 10Count Consulting Inc., Katherine Lafferty, Canadian Stroke Network & Watson’s Pharmacy Eric Lang, Knor Plast Inc., Cathy Lewis, Abbott Point of Care, Travis Lindgren, Learning Tree International, Mahesh Mani, KPMG LLP Peter McIntosh, The McIntosh Group, Dr. Colleen M. McQuarrie ND, Ottawa Integrative Health Centre, Ahmed Metwally, XTEAMS Consulting Services Corp. Carl Nappert, Maplesoft Group, Adam C. Nihmey, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Sanjeev Parmar, Parmar Sports Training Inc. Regi Roy, Titus Labs Inc., Stuart Russell, YOUiLabs Inc., Kevin G. Taylor, Casino du Lac-Leamy, Dave Walsh, Ernst & Young LLP Shari Westman, Comfort Keepers, Kirk Wrinn, Moore Wrinn Financial Group Inc.

Congratulations to all OBJ recipients.


Ottawa Paraplegia : Richard Perrin’s story..

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth -Ottawa Accident Lawyers.. I had the pleasure of speaking with Richard and thought I would share this article from the Ottawa Citizen with you….I wish him and his wife Maureen continued success in their recovery.

Richard Perrin was in a terrible accident. He was thrown off a motorcycle at 160 km/h. He explained to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper…”I came out on the wrong side of the risk-reward equation. Thankfully he was alive, following a serious motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the rib cage down.

Richard Perrin could be described as obsessed with motorcycles. For over 10 years, he dreamed of various bikes and  gleaming motorcycles riding through the desert sand. In particular , he had his eye on one bike.   “The Valkyrie from Honda” was the object of his affection.  Richard knew he had to have it and decided to sign up for an introductory motorcycle course at the Ottawa Safety Council.

Perrin bought his first bike from his future wife, Maureen and together they began touring New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Maine, Newfoundland and England. Richard’s bikes were not only his hobby, they were his passion and he spent many hours tinkering away on old motorcycles and reading motorcycle magazines in his garage.  Soon enough, the pictures in the magazines became part of his real life.  Richard not only looked at the racers in the magazines, he was going to become one of them.

He started racing four years ago and joined  the Vintage Road Racing Association. Richard joined this like minded group of motorcycle enthusiasts and began devoting himself to winning his motorcycle class. He trained hard and in the off-season, he worked out in his basement, while watching motorcycle races on  TV.

Then on Aug. 14, 2009, Robert entered in the summer’s premier event at Mosport International Raceway and things took a turn for the worse.  While travelling over 160 km/hr, Richard lost control of his bike and ended up in The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre.  Richard was air lifted to a nearby hospital where he underwent surgery to relieve the pressure on his spinal cord.  Perrin was paralyzed from the ribcage down. He had suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury. The first few days in the hospital were filled with fear. Richard spent his time thinking about what he had lost, thinking about his wife and children and how this accident would forever change their lives .  Doctors were unable to tell him if he would ever be able to walk again.

Thankfully, Richard also knew that these thoughts would not serve him well.  He would allow himself only short sessions of grief, 20 minutes at a time. He knew he needed to focus on being positive. ” I decided then that I was going to be relentlessly positive through all of this experience. …“Really, I knew I was lucky because you don’t come off of a motorcycle at near top speed and go tumbling along and live some kind of life that is still OK. I still had my kids. I still had my wife” he told the Ottawa Citizen.

His wife Maureen remained supportive throughout.  When Richard arrived at the Ottawa Rehab Centre in September 2009, he was unable to sit up  or transfer to his wheelchair. He required a nurse to help him use the bathroom and dress himself. He needed significant support. And support he received. Four months later, his determination has led him through numerous physiotherapy sessions. He spent months working on building muscles and strength in his legs.

Perrin still has sensation in his legs and can feel  pressure exerted on his quadricep. The first day he stood in rehab was exhilarating. All his months of hard work paid off.  Richard is realistic in his goals and knows he won’t be running to the store anytime soon, but for now, is happily accepting these baby steps.  There is still much uncertainty.   Perrin’s rehabilitation physician, Dr. Vidya Sreenivasan told the Ottawa Citizen “All we’re able to say is that it is a good prognosis in that there is potential for motor recovery,”  “There’s still a lot of really big question marks as to where his recovery is going to take him.” The physician pointed out that Richard possesses a winning attitude and channeled his anger into getting better and being constructive.

Richard knows  his outlook has been influenced by his experience as a competitive athlete, which taught him the road to improvement is marked by pain and frustration. Richard accepts full responsibility for his actions. He knew the risks and was well aware of the dangers of the motorcycle races. He doesn’t blame anyone for the accident. He isn’t asking himself  ‘Why me?’ He knows why.  He also knows that most motorcycle accidents don’t result in a spinal cord injury, his just happen to have.

As time went on, Richard’s hope of walking again , bit by bit, day by day, started to become a possibility. Months before he didn’t feel this much hope but now he did. It’s almost as of his determination, hard work and positive attitude got him up on his feet again. The future is now brighter for Richard and Maureen Perrin. They soon take possession of a new home in the  Andrew Haydon Park area. The home will need to be modified and made wheelchair accessible and they are waiting to find out what the insurance company will and will not cover. Thankfully Richard will also be able to return to work designing software. By all accounts, things are looking up.

Article information from the The Ottawa Citizen

If you have been in an accident , you may need the help of an Ottawa personal injury lawyer to help you navigate through a very complicated insurance claims process.  Often times, an Ottawa personal injury lawyer can help you get the maximum amount of compensation that you need to begin a “new life”.  You have been through enough, you shouldn’t be worrying about your finances at a time like this.  You need to channel all of your efforts and strength into your recovery and your family.  Let an Ottawa personal injury lawyer help. Let David Hollingsworth help. Visit www.ottawainjury.ca for more details or call 613 978-9549 to speak with an Ottawa personal injury lawyer directly.

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury: Rene Faucher, hockey accident -University of Ottawa

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer supporting Rene Faucher

Most of you have probably heard by now the very sad news about Rene Faucher. If you haven’t a few weeks ago, he caught a rut in the ice at the University of Ottawa and went head first into the boards at a pick up hockey game. The result is now he’s paralyzed from the chest down with at least a year of rehab in the hospital and no long-term disability insurance to help his family. Rene and his wife Dianne Douglas have three young children under the age of 5. The community has been rallying together to raise funds to support the family at this incredibly difficult time. One of the latest initiatives is with the The Ottawa 67’s Hockey Club. The Ottawa 67’s will donate 50% of revenue from this week’s online and box office ticket sales to a trust fund in Rene’s name to support rehabilitation and living expenses for Dianne and the three children. You can support Rene Faucher and his family by attending this Sunday’s game against the Guelph Storm. you can order tickets at www.Ottawa67s.com and click on the René Faucher Fundraising icon. You may also order by telephone (613.232.6767) or simply show up on Sunday at the box office in the Coliseum Building at Lansdowne Park or at the Urbandale Centre box office and reference the Faucher Douglas Trust Fund when purchasing tickets. Game time is 2:00 PM. If you can’t attend, but want to support Rene, Dianne and the children you can make a donation at any local Scotiabank branch or by visiting www.FaucherDouglasTrustFund.com.

Thank you for considering to support Rene Faucher and his family. A spinal cord injury is a life altering injury. If you need more information as it relates to Rene Faucher and Dianne Douglas Trust Fund, or Ottawa and Ontario spinal cord injury resources, visit www.ottawainjury.ca or call 613 978-9549.

Ottawa Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer, Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer, Ottawa Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Lawyer, in Ottawa

Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in Ontario as a result of a car accident, motor vehicle accident, or slip and fall, as soon as possible you need to hire an reputable and highly experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer; preferably one that has experience with your particular injury. Over the course of the last 12 years, David has been highly successful at helping those and their families with a brain injury or a spinal cord injury. These types of injury are life changing and require support on many levels. Due to his vast experience with clients with a brain injury or spinal cord injury, David has become one of the best brain injury and best spinal cord injury lawyers in Ottawa. David`s clients with a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury will attest that he is a dedicated, hard working and one of the best Ottawa lawyers who goes above and beyond his role of Ottawa Ontario spinal cord injury lawyer, Ottawa Ontario paraplegia lawyer, Ottawa Ontario quadriplegia lawyer or Ottawa Ontario brain injury lawyer. David`s clients know and will vouch that he is there for them.

Ottawa Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Lawyer

Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth specializes in serious personal injury and is available to work with you, your family, your doctors, your social workers, psychologists or any other treating medical professional. David will also alleviate your burden and deal directly with your insurance company for you; ensuring you recieve maximum compensation. If it is easier on you, David will meet at your home, hospital, rehabilitation centre or any other location that is convenient for you such as the Ottawa Hospital or the Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre.

You have been through enough, now let David Hollingsworth do his job. Even if you just need some advice on what to do, David Hollingsworth can help steer you in the right direction, free of charge. You can call or email him for a free consutation of and you are absolutely under no obligation or pressure . Let his years of experience with Ottawa and Ontario personal injury help you because right now you need to focus on yourself and your family; not insurance companies and paperwork. Visit www.ottawainjury.ca or call 613 978-9549

Ottawa Spinal Injury Lawyer Supports spinal cord injury supports..Ottawa: Canadian Paraplegic Association ( CPA ) .

Ottawa Lawyer supports Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario Wheelchair Relay Challenge Race

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth notes: I will be away the day of the race but wish everyone a great day for a great cause.  If you can, I urge you to support the CPA and volunteer, sponsor or help out in any way you can !


**registration at 9am, event begins at 10am** Fundraise for the Wheelchair Relay Challenge and win great prizes with our 2009 Contests!!

Join the Ottawa Wheelchair Relay Challenge in Ottawa and help raise funds for persons with Spinal Cord Injuries! Whether you’re looking for a corporate team building experience, a group outing or just an opportunity to get outside and have fun, this event is for you. Individual and corporate teams can better understand the experience of using a wheelchair whether you are able bodied or have a disability. So come out and have some fun, be active and compete to raise awareness and vital funds for those with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities. Event Details Saturday September 19, 2009 – Ridgemont Secondary School 2597 Alta Vista Dr. Ottawa Team registration begins at 9 am Race begins at 10am Volunteers We can always use a helping hand – if you are interested in volunteering at this event, please complete the Volunteer Registration Register Online Now! Register and Collect pledges online to join the Ottawa Wheelchair Relay Challenge. It is easy, quick and fun! Set up your personal profile, webpage, and e-mail your friends, family, coworkers to support you within minutes. They will receive an automatic tax receipt for their donation. Registration and a minimum of $100 in pledges includes the race entry fee, Gift, lunch and a chance to win great prizes. The top fundraising team will also win fabulous prizes! Sponsor a Participant Help their team reach their fundraising goal! Download a Pledge Form – Click Here Hospitality Tent The Ottawa Wheelchair Relay Challenge hospitality area will be open on the day of the challenge to collect pledges and following the race to host lunch for all participants who raised pledges.