How to prevent a slip and fall accident.

Ottawa slip and fall accident

A pre-spring thaw has left Ottawa walkways wet and slushy and sadly this may lead to a slip and fall accident. Freezing temperatures forecasted for the weekend will turn that wet slush to ice, creating a hazard for those who may not prepared.

Slip and fall injuries have serious consequences with injuries ranging from sprains and fractures to brain or spinal cord injuries. The weather aside, one of the biggest contributors to pedestrian accidents is distraction. People are walking, looking at their phones and not paying attention to what’s happening around them. Icy conditions increase the hazard.

* Give yourself lots of time to get where you are going. Take short steps and walk at a slower pace.

* Use the railing when walking down stairs.

* Pay attention to black ice. When the weather changes quickly, dew, fog or water vapour can freeze on cold surfaces and form an extra-thin, nearly invisible layer of ice,

* Carrying too much can upset your sense of balance. Lighten your load. You need to leave your hands and arms free for balance.

* Be prepared to fall and try to avoid using your arms to break your fall. If you fall backward, try to tuck your chin in so your head doesn’t hit the ground.

* Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles.

Compensation for slip and fall accident

Being aware of icy weather conditions, throughout the winter months or after a spring thaw, is important. Staying on top of the weather conditions helps you to know when to use greater caution. Winter presents a number of challenges for drivers and pedestrians, but when it comes to walking on icy roads and sidewalks, use extra caution and be aware of your surroundings. If you have been injured in a pedestrian, auto , or slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact David Hollingsworth to learn more.

Please don’t shop until you drop! Avoiding a slip and fall injury.

Slip and Fall Injury in Shopping Malls

The parking lots are jammed, the line-ups are long and the potential for slip and fall injury is at its highest in city shopping malls. Your best defense against slip and fall hazards at this time of the year is to slow down and be aware of your surroundings.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Slips on Wet Floors 

Slushy snowy conditions outside create slip, trip and fall hazards indoors. People track all of the snow and slush inside making the potential for slipping on a wet floor very high, especially near entrances. To compensate, shop keepers are constantly mopping the floors, even while the stores are open, creating yet another hazard. Be aware of the condition of the floor and wear a flat sole shoe or boot when shopping.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Stairs and Escalators 

Stairs, escalators and elevators pose another mall hazard. Take your time and use the handrails. Don’t be afraid to stand to the side and allow others to pass if you need extra time. If possible, only use stairs or escalators that have step guards or paint indicating the edge to help you avoid tripping.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Poor Lighting 

It is dark outside this time of year and poor lighting inside often contributes to trip and fall accidents. Shop owners have a responsibility to maintain proper lighting and to ensure that shoppers can see all potential hazards.

Slip and Fall Injury Caused by Aisle Fixtures

Stores are brimming with merchandise and full to capacity at this time of the year. Retailers often stack items at the end of the aisles or in large bins without leaving a safe path for customers to navigate through with carts and bulky packages. Be aware of these hazards and take time to ensure that you and / or your cart can pass without catching on something and causing an accident.

Mats and Carpets – There is a lot of heavy foot traffic on mall mats and carpets around that malls at this time of year. Merchants are too busy to be concerned about their upkeep and repair.

Frayed edges, lifted tiles and wayward mats are easy to catch your foot on causing a trip and fall accident.

Every year at this time, we see too many clients whose holidays have been spoiled by injuries in shopping malls and stores. Be careful this holiday season, take your time and avoid slips, trips and falls.

How much compensation for a recent Ottawa slip and fall accident ?

Ottawa slip and fall accidentgrocerystoreaccident

A slip and fall accident can be as minor as losing your footing, slipping for 10 seconds and then regaining your footing or as serious as someone falling and landing in a way that can cause a brain injury, spinal cord injury or even death. Two people can trip, slip or fall in the exact same situation with very different outcomes.

One thing that is consistent with slip and fall accidents is that the responsibility is placed on owners to provide a safe and secure environment. Providing a safe environment may mean providing a well maintained area, well-lit area, area free of obstacles and in general, building codes must be met and all around safety measures must be met.

What does an Ottawa slip and fall lawyer do ?

Our experienced Ottawa slip and fall lawyers help protect individuals who have been injured on someone else’s property, when that private property was not as safe as it should have been. Our slip and fall lawyers work closely with our clients to help determine what the hazards are in an accident and who is responsible for compensation. Depending on the nature of the slip and fall accident, there may be time limits that need to be adhered to. Experienced slip and fall accident lawyers can make sure these timelines are adhered to and help you start your claim in time. It’s also always best to contact an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as possible so that any potential evidence such as pictures and accident scenes may be photographed and documented.


Maximum compensation for slip and fall accidents

Accident Scenario

Our Ottawa slip and fall accident lawyers worked closely with a new client “RM” . Our goal was to ensure that he received maximum compensation for his injuries, following his slip and fall accident.  RM was 78 year old man, who one day went to a grocery store, where he slipped and fell on some fruit that was on the tile floor. Unfortunately he had no time to brace for his fall and sustained a concussion and laceration to the back of his head.  Fruit on the floor is a frequent cause for slip and fall accidents in grocery stores.

Thankfully, RM recovered from his injuries but continued to have intermittent neck pain and intermittent headaches. Our Ottawa slip and fall lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement at a private settlement conference in the amount of $20,000.00.  Not all slip and fall accidents are the same and thankfully our client didn’t sustain injuries that were permanent and was able to recover. Even though some injuries are as serious as others, compensation is still needed.

*Please note: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.



Our Ottawa lawyers discuss slip and fall accident compensation and contributory negligence.

Ottawa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyerslipandfallaccident

Accident Scenario:

People slip and fall everyday . Depending on where you fall and the extent of your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation.  Compensation for general damages from slip and fall accidents in Ontario can vary and accident victims can be compensated for injuries by receiving compensation for  pain and suffering, loss of income, home maintenance and housekeeping and various other health care expenses not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

In Ontario, the law states that it is the responsibility of the store, business, or private property owner to ensure the safety of anyone who enters their property.

When determining who is responsible, accident victims are sometimes determined to be have contributed to the accident.   Contributory negligence means that you contributed to your injury by not properly looking out for your own safety such as not wearing the proper footwear, or perhaps not paying attention, among many other scenarios. If you are deemed to be partially responsible  you may still entitled to receive compensation; however, the amount of compensation may be reduced in accordance with the degree to which you contributed to the accident.

One day we received a call from a 65 year old single woman. “MJ”  was walking one evening to her car that was parked in a private drive way when suddenly she slipped on ice fracturing her ankle. To be clear, MJ had been invited to this property and was not trespassing.

Injuries Resulting From Accident:

MJ’s slip and fall accident resulted in some very serious injuries. Unfortunately she required a surgical procedure on her ankle. Her injuries also required rehabilitation. Thankfully, her surgery went well and her rehab therapy was very successful. Following her rehab she was able to get back to her regular activities but her range of motion was limited and pain still persisted. Our Ottawa injury lawyers knew  that we needed to get MJ maximum compensation for her slip and fall accident.

Compensation for Injury:

Thankfully  MJ’s injuries from her slip and fall accident healed. Our Ottawa injury lawyers wanted to ensure that should she suffer in the future, she would need some compensation for future rehabilitation needs, should she ever need it. Our Ottawa injury lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement at a private settlement conference in the amount of $41,000.00 for future potential medical needs.

*Please note: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Slip and Fall accident on City of Ottawa property ?

Ottawa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer David Hollingsworth..  Ottawa has seen it’s fair share of change in the weather lately.  Last week, we received dozens of phone calls related to slip and fall accidents on either private property or public property. Many streets in Ottawa were like skating rinks last week.  Not only the roads were slippery, but the sidewalks were also a hazard for pedestrians.

CBC News reported that the City of Ottawa has approximately  2,000 kms of sidewalks and that pedestrians are filing personal injury lawsuits against the city as a result of a slip and fall accident on city of Ottawa property.  With all of the flash freezing, snow and rain Ottawa has received lately, the conditions have become very hazardous. Despite the City of Ottawa having plowed the and sanded all city of Ottawa sidewalks 4 times already, people are still slipping and falling on city property and becoming injured.   According to the article on CBC news, in Ottawa this season, from Nov. 15 to Jan. 9,  3 people have filed lawsuits against the city of Ottawa  for a slip and fall accident on sidewalks. Last winter, a total of  39 people filed related personal injury lawsuits.

What can you do as a property owner?

Like the City of Ottawa, if you own a property, you are responsible for maintaining your property and making sure it is as safe as possible. This means everything from clearing snow, to ensuring stair handrails are secure.  Essentially, a property owner is responsible for ensuring that their property is as reasonable safe as possible. If someone injures themselves on your property, you may be liable.  What this means is that you will likely need to make an insurance claim and that the claim will go through your insurance company.

Slip and Fall accidents on City of Ottawa property

If you have had an accident on City of Ottawa property and have suffered an injury, it is important that you know your rights and what you need to do.  Of the approximately 2000 claims made against the City of Ottawa each year, the City, on average  pays  compensation for approximately 25% of  claims. That leaves 75% of the claims being denied compensation.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you fight this denial and can make sure your claim is not denied in the first place. The City of Ottawa also has specific timelines that need to be adhered to . It is best that you consult with a top Ottawa personal injury lawyer and have all your options reviewed and questions answered when it comes to your Ottawa slip and fall accident.