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Child safety a priority. Back in. Drive out.

Child Safety

As Ottawa injury lawyers, it’s stories like this that send a chill .

Back in. Drive out.

A Father’s Appeal for Children’s safety.

This is a true story told by a local father after a terrifying experience last Sunday afternoon.

As told by Rino Gombocz

Spring is in the air and child safety isn’t always the first thing we think of. We’re shedding those heavy coats. The birds are singing. It feels like a new beginning. I love this time of year.

I wanted to share a little experience that happened to me and Jack (my 7 Year old son) on Sunday.

Jack learned how to ride his bike last year, and with the nice weather yesterday, we wanted to get out and take advantage of the great day.

He stumbled a couple of times but he did great, and was very eager to stay three bike lengths ahead of me, a race if you will.

As we rode down the sidewalk, on one of the side streets near our home, a car backed out of their parking spot.

I yelled at the top of my lungs and the car and Jack both stopped at the same time. The car hit Jack, and threw him off his bike. Luckily, he only scraped his knuckle but he was badly shaken. The person driving was also badly shaken, saying, “I didn’t see him”.

The incident led me to a lot of reflecting last night, tossing and turning and trying to forget, but also asking myself “what if?”

Please, please, please, always back into every driveway and every parking spot.

Jack and I might be riding down your street.

Please share and help keep all our kids as safe as possible. 


“ Thanks again! Your support is greatly appreciated. I went back on your website and it's true that your firm does understand, care and are there to help. Thanks, I really mean it.”

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