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Ottawa Police supporting motorcycle accident safety, aiming to reduce Ottawa accidents.

Ottawa Motorcycle Accident Lawyers David Hollingsworth.  With the nice weather here, more and more motorcycles will be out on the roads and highway. We hope that all drivers are extra cautious and watching out for motorcycles that may be in your blind spot . Obviously motorcycles are much smaller than cars or trucks and are often more difficult to see.

Ottawa Police along with  Safer Roads Ottawa and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation are working at reducing Ottawa motorcycle accidents by introducing their  “Keep an Eye Out for Motorcycles” campaign. The main messages of the campaign is for motorists to share the roads and watch out for one another. Ottawa has also announced that  May will be  “Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Month” .

As a Ottawa personal injury lawyer I meet regularly with people who have been in a motorcycle accident and have become severely injured. The reality is that motorcycle drivers have much less protection and often the injuries are devastating.  Both motorists and motorcyclist need to share the road and be aware of one another.

Here are a few tips for drivers when it comes to motorcycles:

  • Motorcycles require full lane and are no different than  other vehicles.
  • Share the road
  • Follow at least 2 seconds or 2 chevrons behind the vehicle in front of you.
  • Most motorcycle accidents happen between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., so be extra vigilant during these times.
  • Over 1/3 of motorcycle accident happen at intersections. Be extra vigilant.
  • Slow down at intersections.
  • Avoid tailgating as this can be more dangerous to  motorcyclists with less protection.
  • Give motorcyclists enough room to change lanes. Although they are smaller, they still need room.
  • Check  mirrors often so you know where other vehicles are.

We can all put a little more effort into keeping our Ottawa roads a little safer. Motorcyclists and drivers have their role to play. Let’s play together and keep our Ottawa roads safe.

“ Thanks again! Your support is greatly appreciated. I went back on your website and it's true that your firm does understand, care and are there to help. Thanks, I really mean it.”

RL, Ottawa Ontario