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Barrhaven accident Greenbank Road and Berrigan Drive results in serious head injury. Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth shares story.

Car Accident in Barrhaven

Sadly, a 70 year old man is being treated for a serious head injury as the result of an accident in Barrhaven  Tuesday. The Barrhaven accident occurred at Greenbank Road and Berrigan Drive during the afternoon. The senior accident victim remains in serious condition and Ottawa paramedics reported that he  was unconscious when he they arrived at the hospital. My thoughts are with him and I wish him a full recovery.

A head injury can be a very serious and life altering injury. Throughout the years, we have helped many people rebuild their lives following a serious head injury.  What makes head injuries unique is that they are “invisible injuries”.  From the outside, once the scrapes and broken bones heal, people seem like they are back to pre-accident condition.  A head injury or brain injury is however different.  It’s difficult for untrained medical professionals to know how the head injury is healing and whether or not it will ever heal completely.
Family and friends also often forget that their loved one is suffering from a head injury and come to have unrealistic expectations .  Often times, friends and family are confused as to why their loved one is acting differently, perhaps more irritable or having trouble remembering things and they become frustrated because their loved one “looks fine”. This situation is difficult for everyone. The person who is suffering from the head injury is doing their best but unfortunately their best isn’t what it once was.

How a personal injury lawyer Ottawa can help with a head injury.

A head injury requires very intense medical treatments, as well as intensive support for all involved.  Our Ottawa personal injury lawyers understand this and work closely with all of our clients doctors, social workers, therapists , rehabilitative teams to ensure that our clients are constantly moving forward towards a recovery.  Rebuilding a life after a head injury is not easy and we understand. Let our Ottawa personal injury lawyers help.

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