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Carleton University professor Kouchi Matsumoto dies in Ottawa car accident.

Accident in Ottawa, Ontario

Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth. Sadly, a former Carleton University chemistry professor died in a car accident last Sunday night. Kouchi Matsumoto was killed when a speeding car on Woodroffe Avenue hit his vehicle. Matsumoto was pronounced dead at the Ottawa accident scene. Kouchi Matsumoto was only 2 years old in 1945 and lived Hiroshima, Japan. He was there when the bombs went off and he survived. Sadly, he did not survive this time.  Driving with him was a 66-year-old female passenger. She was rushed to an Ottawa hospital with severe chest, abdominal and hand injuries. Thankfully, she was in stable condition. Kouchi Matsumoto had become quite active in the community and was interviewed about his opposition to nuclear power. He became an ambassador against the devastation and long-lasting effects of nuclear power. Ottawa Police reported that the vehicle that struck Matsumoto was travelling westbound off-ramp of Highway 17 when the driver lost control. The car hit a curb, crossed 2  lanes and flew over the median and then hit  Matsumoto’s car. Ottawa Police believe speed was a contributing factor in the deadly accident. What a terrible tragedy and real loss for our community. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of Kouchi Matsumoto at this very difficult time. I also hope his passenger is able to come out of this accident and return fully to a regular life free of injuries.

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