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How to properly adjust your headrest and avoid soft tissue injuires such as whiplash injuries.

Did you know that taking a few seconds to properly adjust your headrest could help save a life and lower your chance of serious injuries such as a whiplash injury ?

As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I can tell you first hand that the a soft-tissue injury can be a life-long debilitating injury.  We have a large number of clients who have been in a car accident and years later are still suffering from soft tissue injuries such as a whiplash injury. The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)  reported that insurance companies spend approximately $4 billion each year helping people who have suffered in an accident and have debilitating  soft tissue injuries; whiplash injuries being the most common.

CAA also reported that the Insurance Bureau of Canada held a national study that looked at head restraint adjustments and looked at whether passengers and drivers were making proper use of their  head restraints . The study’s results determined that a mere 14% of  drivers in Canada had a properly positioned headrest.  Yikes !  This is astonishing when we consider the fact that rear-end collisions make up approximately  80% of all whiplash injuries and other soft tissue injuries in Canada. How could this be? I believe many drivers and passengers simply do not know what the proper headrest position should be.  The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) stated that if all drivers and passengers adjusted their headrests properly the number of whiplash injuries could be reduced by 40% resulting in fewer people suffering in pain.

Adjusting your headrest

The proper position of a vertical headrest is between the top of the ear and the top of the head. The proper position of a horizontal head rest is less or equal to the width of your ear.  The following graphic was copied form the CAA’s website.  I highly recommend you visit the site.  Not only will you find incredible safety information, the entire site has valuable information that relates to travel, insurance , community and much more .

As an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, I urge you to take a second and please adjust your headrest. It can make a difference.


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