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Ottawa accident Innes and Page sends young boy to hospital with possible spinal injury.

Ottawa Lawyer for Child Injury

Sadly, an 8 yr boy and his mom were in a terrible Ottawa accident yesterday in the early morning at Innes and Page roads shortly before 1 a.m. The accident involved 2 vehicles and when rescue crews arrived, the boy’s other was trapped inside her vehicle. thankfully, they were able to remove from the vehicle but it was not an easy removal. Her son was rushed to a hospital and is said to possible have suffered a spinal injury. He and his mother were  both in stable condition upon arrival at the hospital.  The cause of the accident is unknown and Ottawa police are investigating.  I hope this young boy is ok and the initial reports of his condition improve. My thoughts are with him and his family at this very stressful time.

Our personal injury law firm is experienced in child injury lawsuits. We work closely with the medical team in a child injury case to make sure we are aware of all developments and set backs  in health and recovery. It’s important that our injury lawyers are part of the team, so they can take some of the burden off of families who are focussing on recovery and moving forward. Often times in a child injury lawsuit in Ontario, there are many steps that the courts impose to protect the child. Personal injury lawyers experienced in child injuries can help explain these steps to you through a free consultation and help you decide whether or not you have a case and how strong your personal injury lawsuit might be.

If your child has been injured in an accident, you need advice. Start with a free consultation from a personal injury lawyer and decide how best you can help your child recover from their injuries. There is help out there that is available to you and your family.

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