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Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer, David Hollingsworth

Ottawa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Ottawa bicycle accident

Our lawyers travel to you and will ensure you are well taken care of following an Ottawa bicycle accident.

With spring weather here many Ottawa bicyclists are facing a danger that they literally may not see coming. One of the most common Ottawa accidents to a bicyclist occurs when a car door is opened in the path of a bicyclist. “Dooring ” accidents are far too common. People who are exiting a parked car must look for bicyclists every time they exit. As drivers, it is very easy to forget that cyclist may be passing you on the left if you are parked, so please be careful– check over your shoulder and check in your mirrors every time you open your door.

Many cyclists are unaware of their rights and options when it comes to compensation.  Many cyclists believe that because they do not themselves have an insurance policy because they do not own a vehicle, then they are not entitled to Ontario accident benefits.  This is simply incorrect. There are several options for maximum compensation for cyclists. Firstly , if the accident involves a motor vehicle, then the insurance company of the driver can provide compensation and accident benefits to the injured party.  There are also other options depending on the nature of the accident. Regardless, it is always best for anyone involved in a cycling accident, contact an experienced bicycle accident lawyer and learn of their options.  Most cycling accident lawyers will offer a free consultation and will come to your place of convalescence.

David Hollingsworth is an Ottawa personal injury lawyer, concerned about Ottawa bicycle safety.  If you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury as a bicyclist, contact our Ottawa personal injury law firm and speak to one of our lawyers who serve throughout  Eastern Ontario at 613 -978-9549 or visit www.ottawainjury.ca.

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