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Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth on record Ottawa temperatures and icy roads to come.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth, Apparently we set a record temperature this morning for this time of year and it’s about to get colder. This weekend, in Ottawa we saw lots of snow and consequently accidents throughout the city.  It was reported on CFRA news that at one point, Ottawa Police were attending to  more than 50 car accidents at the same time.

Environment Canada is predicting that in Ottawa temperatures with the windchill may drop between -20 and -25. so, yes that means get your snow tires on and be prepared for slippery roads that will likely be covered by a light dusting of snow. Having proper snow tires on your vehicle is crucial for winter driving in Ontario. It’s important to remember that snow tires help with snow on the roads but when it come to icy conditions, braking is equally if not more important. Remember to adjust your driving speed and allow yourself time to break .

After visiting CAA’s website , I found the following tips for driving safely under icy conditions:

  • Ensure your is good working order and ready for winter. Have an overall check up done, focusing on the car’s battery, brakes, heater, defroster and wiper blades.
  • Make sure you have proper snow tires.
  • Ensure that you clear off your car and make sure you have excellent visibility.
  • Travel with a shovel,  scraper, washer fluid, first aid kit, blankets, flashlight and extra batteries, a bag of sand or salt can also be used for traction.
  • When weather conditions are not good, plan for extra time when travelling. You are always better off taking extra time and arriving safely.
  • Look up the weather conditions ahead of time and know what to expect. at your destination, because they can be drastically different than Niagara.
  • Punch in destination addresses in your GPS before you hit the road.

It’s cold out there in Ottawa and surrounding areas and winter isn’t going anywhere. Please prepare and drive safely. Have a great, safe week.


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