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Ottawa Lawyer : What is Ontario slip and fall compensation ?

Ottawa Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth… 

Ontario, Ottawa Pedestrian Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth. David has a lot of experience with individuals who have sustained slip and fall injuries while in a store and have slipped and fell from either poor maintenance of the floor itself (elevated or cracked), or it is slippery from a spill of a liquid of some sort. Putting a sign saying the floor is wet is simply not enough to prevent a serious injury, ensuring the floor is dry will prevent the injury. The same goes for a damaged floor. If a floor is wet or damaged it should be fixed immediately. That is the responsibility of the store. If you suffer a serious injury, there is compensation available to you and that is where the best Ottawa personal injury lawyers can help.

What Can You Do if you slip or fall in a store and suffer a serious injury?

If you are shopping and see something that appears unsafe within a store, do your part and tell an employee or a manager. If we all do our part we can prevent Ottawa slip and fall injuries.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth’s Experience

David has had many clients who have been unfortunate enough to slip and fall within a store and have experienced severe, neck, back, leg, arm, spine, and head injuries. These injuries take quite a toll on an individual’s life, preventing them from working, taking care of their loved ones, and enjoying life in general. David has helped various individuals get through their injuries and receive the compensation they deserve.

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