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Ottawa personal injury lawyer on Ottawa’s icy roads and frostbite warning.

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer David Hollingsworth : Happy new year ! I hope you all had a great holiday season and were able to spend some time with loved ones.  If you remained in the Ottawa area, you no doubt have been doing your best to keep warm, as we have now had several days of frostbite warnings.  Along with this extreme cold comes difficult driving conditions. Ottawa police reported 45 accidents  since 6 a.m. this morning !   Ottawa roads are slippery and the ice is sometimes not visible , leading to difficult driving conditions.

What can you do to help protect yourself and your loved ones? Firstly, be aware of the icy roads and slow down. Adjust your driving and know that you will need more time to arrive at your destination safely. Make sure you leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Secondly, make sure you have winter tires installed. In our weather conditions, you need them. Make sure you clear off your car and have excellent visibility. Not only do your mirrors and windows need to be clear, make sure you clear off the roof of your car, as to avoid any snow falling down once you start driving.

Ottawa weather looks like it will warm up a bit in the next day or 2; however the forecast says this warmer weather is bringing in large amounts of snow.  This new snow will also make driving conditions in the Ottawa area a challenge.

Please be careful and slow down on Ottawa roads.  If you are outside, bundle up, wear lots of layers, keep covered and keep moving ! Frostbite can set in within 10 minutes

Enjoy your weekend and be safe and don’t forget the kids are back at school on Monday . Watch out for them on the roads.


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