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Ottawa slip and fall accident ? Ottawa lawyer David Hollingsworth-questions..

Ottawa Ontario slip and fall lawyer David Hollingsworth explains the dangers and factors involved in a slip and fall accident in Ontario.

With respect to compensation, a slip and fall victim’s eligibility will vary depending on the circumstances of the injury but overall, the fall accident will be similar to all Ontario personal injury claims. Namely, this means that your recovery may account for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and your potential for future medical expenses.
You are generally advised to visit a top Ottawa slip and fall lawyer such as David Hollingsworth as soon as possible after your injury to avoid limitations periods and the chance to secure and protect your interests. Similarly, you are advised to meet with a lawyer before meeting with an insurance adjuster, who may wish to settle quickly and for less than you deserve. Such adjuster’s attempt to establish if there was an injury, your role if any in the injury, and any prospective settlement that could be procured, often immediately. Questions from such adjusters can be very specific and it is best to speak with a lawyer such as David Hollingsworth to protect and safeguard your interests before signing any document. You do not want to lose out on what you deserve.

The responsibility for the injury can depend on the situation of your fall, and the idea of a “hazardous condition”, which relates to the situational potential for personal injury. Hazardous conditions can be temporary (such as the integrity of an easement or ice on a sidewalk), or permanent (property owners are held liable for permanent conditions since they are expected to have knowledge about their nature). The nature of your injury and the context of the slip and fall will determine who is responsible, whether it may be a property owner, a commercial enterprise, or some other individual. The key is to visit someone who is competent and experienced in dealing with such matters, as soon as possible so that valuable evidence is not lost and your position is secured to advance your claims so that you may receive the maximum possible compensation and support for your injury.

People claim slip and fall accident injury compensation each week. If you suffer from a personal injury due to a slip and fall accident, you need compensation and you owe it to yourself to see just how much you might be entitled to receive. Visit www.ottawainjury.ca for a free consultation or call 613-978-9549. Ottawa slip and fall accident personal injury lawyers, David Hollingsworth

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