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Rise in number of Ottawa accidents involving animals on the roads.

Avoiding Ottawa Accidents

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers David Hollingsworth .  The Ottawa Police have been warning drivers in the Ottawa area to slow down and be careful on Ottawa roads.  We are in the season where they are seeing an increase in motor vehicle accidents involving collisions with animals. In particular, there are a high number of accidents involving deer on the roads.  According to the Ottawa Police,  October and January are the highest risk times for car accidents involving deer.

Ottawa Police reported that from 2006 to 2012, more than 94%  of reported collisions between vehicles and wildlife involved deer.

What you can do to avoid accidents involving deer (and other wildlife.).

  1. Watch for road signs warning of deer.
  2. Drive with caution and  below the speed limit in high risk areas.
  3. be extra careful during high-risk periods such as  morning and early evening.
  4. Whenever possible and safe, use high beam headlights. The highbeam headlights will help reflect the eyes of the deer. If you spot a deer on the road, immediately dim your highbeams, not to startle the animal and have them frozen in fear.
  5. Do not suddenly swerve to avoid hitting an animal. There is the potential of oncoming traffic and ditches around.
  6. If safe and possible, apply brakes sharply and stop if there is no vehicles behind you. Immediately turn on your hazard lights.
  7. Remember that dear travel in packs. If you have seen one, there are likely more around so be careful.


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